Apps I like to use

I have come to the realization that there are way to many apps to keep track of these days. My favorite apps are apps that collect stuff for me in one place lately.

for example, my must haves are:

an email client to have all emails in one place

a web apps/messenger app like rambox to have all my messenging apps in one place. (slack,telegram, whatsapp, skype, discord, rocketchat, messenger, etc)

freetube for invidious/YT videos

liferea/akregator/or some rss app for podcasts/websites/news/blogs

hexchat for irc & dino for xmpp

bitwarden for passwords/logins

Do you use apps like these that simplify using a bunch of other apps? Is this kind of thing part of your work flow?

Well, since you’re asking…No. I use none of the above, nor anything like them.


Thanks! You should check out this thread by our resident frog enthusiast (he may actually be a frog, I’m not sure). We’ve been making a huge list of lesser known apps that we all think are awesome. These could be good additions to that on-going discussion!