Apple is moving from Intel to ARM What do you think about this?

I don’t care, never again apple,
sued-sugar :wink:


is still an Apple product where its new model is the same as last year or last last years model but with a bigger screen.

dont care either

I’m with you all the way, but the downside of it is, it can get very exhausting & time-consuming, keeping alive that state of mind while taking all the consequences into account. a semi-conscious diet alone can be a real life-task :grinning:

I wish I could extend this conscious consumer behaviour to more areas of my life. just come to think of the lack of information regarding production chains, which are often intentionally kept black boxes.

as if things couldn’t get any worse, “shopping” is indicated as a hobby by more and more zombified plasticpeople.


Any changes you would need to struggle to consciously implement become routine and subconscious behaviour after a while. So it gets easier, not a task you’ll have to take on for life. But being careful and keeping the eyes peeled is a task for life: current “normal” behaviour is carefully shaped by media and corporate PR efforts over time and needs conscious effort to be countered.


It’s hard to live like this but I have nothing else to do :wink:
but it’s getting easier every day.

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i hope so. unfortunately, it is also tied to a certain infrastructure and often a question of money, as well.

the positive thing about it, it is becoming more and more hip amongst the noveau-riche. finally one of the few occasions my stomach does not start a revolt watching those trendy followers jumping out of their suvs in hordes. let’s hope this trend turns into a routine, the lemming breadcrumb trail is set :grin:

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I personally think this is a great move as Intel has been dragging it’s butt for the last 4 years. With moving to it’s own chip they can create pretty much any custom chip just as they like.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a new 14" Macbook Pro with this new silicon. As much as I like Linux and use it daily, macOS will always be my production environment.

Lately also Company’s as apple and intel are moving there production site’s to US.

And for Arm , i think apple likes that because of opensource nature…but probably if you ask me, furter in future wil poison that lol…

As long people going to buy apple they will keep doing as it is… like a connector broke? change the whole logic board… instead of 50dolllar fix make a thousand dollar fix… As on data no need to lose data but at apple you will loose it :stuck_out_tongue:

probably a user focussed experience but is like with everything you have to learn using is before you can enjoy :slight_smile:

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What do you do with it?

I’m not a developer but I know apple products are popular with devs. Wondering how this change will effect them?

Some video stuff (editing etc), writing, photo editing and mastering. Yes I could do most of these in Linux with some extra work.

It will be interesting to see how well can devs make the apps work with Apple Silicon. Adobe CC is already working natively (Ligthroom and photoshop atleast) and they should be available from day one (when the first hardware gets released.

If you look what MS has gotten ready with Windows on Arm it’s like sandbox stuff compared to what Apple showed on the stream. Of course marketing is marketing and these things will need to be taken with a grain of salt until we have the actual hardware.

Personal arm is stil far from heavy use. But using arm would for apple be cheaper to produce in us. Doez not mean device get cheaper lol


Well these are not just “plain ARM” chips. They are totally custom built by Apple, only thing that comes from ARM is the architecture and instruction set. And ARM is very capable against the current Intel or AMD chips, even these now-in-mobile devices versions from Apple.


I like ARM.


So do I.

Yet Coca cola is the best drink in the world. :slight_smile: At least this message was placed in one of Pioneer’s spacecraft. Personally, I hate Coca Cola.

What about Samsung? :smile:

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Im sure theyll give us more great designs like this now

and more lcd circuits that run the risk of sending high voltage through the cpu if it is faulty


It is include in the “…”

The complete listing of all companies would go beyond the scope of this forum. :smiley:

To put it bluntly.
I hate it when the price of a product is half the cost of advertising.


Look ad louis rossman about apple on youtube :slight_smile: tech is on but if you got something on it en very simple they probably change te logic board. If a cable is faulty… and yur data… like tesla its nothing for me overprized repairs even if it could you must not repair your apple even you can repair it.