Apple Is (Also) Trying to Kill the Open Internet!

Techlore gives three options, and I propose a 4th: say bye-bye to Apple products and services. But you know, over the course of a year - I know it wouldn’t be easy. Just switching to privacy-respecting cloud services takes weeks to complete.

I’ve switched from:

GDrive > 1Drive > Mega > pCloud > Icedrive > pCloud > Filen. Lots of work and time. :weary:


Time to switch to a self-hosted Nextcloud storage.

Have that too. But that is all local, and I live on an island. Whether it’s an earthquake or a tsunami, having everything only stored here is a bad idea.

PS: Of course, this only matters if I survive such a disaster. Though, I do have some automated things setup in the event that I don’t log into certain accounts for too long. My data wouldn’t be completely lost. :person_shrugging:

My backups got backups.

Rent a vps in a datacenter and setup Nextcloud on that yourself, that way you will at least have more control over it and have less of a natural disaster risk.

I’ll certainly consider this in the future - probably near future, too. Thanks for suggesting.

3:06 “I’m sure some of you are asking why is this such a big deal? Especially since most the news outlets refuse to offer any critical content on the matter?”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Welcome to 2024! I’m literally laughing til I piss my pants here.
Apple users are used to complying with the big anaconda vice squeeze on their OS that users blindly tolerate. that micro-control apple has been hyperactive with since OS9 over the system, and itunes, and their shitty architecture and hardware. now they’ve expanded to internet. It’s mostly a childish middle-finger to the EU, but hey, we’re apple, everybody pays. and no one leaves:).
[I used Mac exclusively when very young but never wanted one at home…]

I’ve seen a million WIN-to-Linux stories.
I’ve seen 0 MAC-to-Linux stories or Mac-to-Win stories.

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Well, I wasn’t planning on buying anything Apple.

I still don’t plan on it. lol

But seriously, all of the big companies, and governments are trying REALLY hard to kill freedom right now in a number of ways. It’s extremely depressing and a horrible time to be alive in human history. It’s hard to be surprised by these things.


I saw a video with a screenshot of where someone said that when they were a kid in WW2, they decided that studying hard and going to university would be a waste of time because the world would probably end.

Now, that statement is probably a lie because that person would need to be very close to 100 years old now, but the idea isn’t farfetched if someone says that in current times.

  • There are nuclear weapons a plenty,
  • the world is now overly reliant on the internet for even mechanical things that shouldn’t be using the internet,
  • and more and more people are making decisions entirely based on how they feel, as opposed to using logic and/or prior knowledge.

What will actually happen remains to be seen, but the future of humanity as we know it looks Mad Max: Fury Road-esque. It may look cool in movies, but living in it would be very ghetto. :sweat_smile:

At this point, hoping for at worst a Blade Runner/Dredd-esque dystopia seems like asking for too much. :eyes:


You hit the nail on the head. Ain’t nothing worse than this one.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



There was a time when PWAs on iOS actually worked? Somebody used them?

Just the video claiming that PWA were on iOS since day one makes me doubt everything else in this video. A glorified bookmark isn’t a PWA.

It couldn’t have been otherwise. I remember Nokia being taken over by Microsoft and eventually being ruined upon implementation of Windows Phone. Despite Nokia releasing N9 model, which was running Linux-based MeeGo, Microsoft decided to phase out that OS in favour of Windows Phone. If it hadn’t been for Microsoft, we would have Nokia rivalling Google and Apple, and more free and open Internet as well.


Absolutely quote. Everyone would be honest: the most complex tasks are made with pc and doesn’t matter how Apples 's products are advanced… for those use computer as a workstation, both for music, graphics or science, pc offers more than a mac because it allows customizations. The only thing that really matter about mac is stability and some softwares but in my case, I am really tired to depend to the market, and totally abandoned by apple/microsoft when I need support. They change too fast and I am sure that also the most advanced programmer don’t need to change system/computer/OS every single time for his own needs, but for some tasks.
Personally, is a little more than two years that I switched to Linux and I can say that I don’t miss anything that macOS or Windows offers but professional audio softwares. Anyway, also if I am not a programmer, I have some ideas for a d.a.w. totally native for Linux/Pipewire. Performance are great on GNU/Linux thanks to kernel’s customization and the fantasy that the Linux itself permits.
Open Internet? Everything that is closed source by its own nature is allergic of the open because big tech can earn anything from that (I know, a lot of commercial stuff is made using Linux but I am talking about Linux itself, not products based on it…) and personally, I have the sensation that someone would try to find a defect in the system to bring Linux and everything that is free to be closed.

EDit… forgive i read wrong , i see N900 … you say N9

N900 it release with " Maemo 5 " in 2009 if i remember correct ( i still have one )
meego was half the OS of Maemo after nokia drop . great device sadly killed like you say …

N9, being released in 2011, was ahead of its time. It was already then managed by swipes rather than navigation buttons. Microsoft ruins everything it touches…

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junk… compared to N900 ( just my opinion ) you correct on MS

Yes and no. Apple always want to do they’re own thing even when its a “standard”. If you know PWA, its basically that but with some Apple specific tags (for the icons) and stupid limitations. To name a few of them:

  • No access to the hardware like bluetooth, contact list, locations ect (except for bluetooth, don’t seem that bad if you ask me)
  • No access to other apps on the device
  • No push notifications
  • Max 50MiB per pwa

Me :sweat_smile: Mostly for services without official Apps, that i host myself. Navidrome or Mango for example.

it’s a sweet mix between: “we want to piss people off & we’re incapable of doing things properly”.

One thing people don’t want to ear: no they are not that good at software, actually i think the opposite. They break things all the time.

One great example is xcode(they’re IDE), its the worst i’ve ever use without any doubt. The process of making Apps with it is horrendous (but lets be honest, building apps for android is on par).

Fun fact, they just pushed a new language for making configuration file (whaaaat?), with IDE support (even nvim) BUT not for xcode :rofl: If someone is curious:

Some may think, why did he use a Iphone? Because i want a phone that get update for more than 2years :face_with_hand_over_mouth: For context my iphone 5 lasted 10years with one battery swap in between.

I’ve seen that android is getting better on that the last years, maybe a android next time ? Tbh, i hope linux on phone catch up in the meantime because i hate android (sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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agree with every word in your reply except more like Mad Max 1 and 2. We have the psychotic lawless sadists everywhere around us now. they will make an easy transition when it all goes…it will be :clown_face:-world quadrupled. good times.

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An update as they’ve pretty much reversed their decision: