Apparently Slimbooks makes Linux compatible Facial recognition laptops

While searching for a new laptop to get(still waiting for ryzen 5000 mobile) I stumbled across The Slimbook PRO X 15, which apparently has a facial recognition camera built-in! This is quite surprising as this is the only Linux native laptop with such a model.
It uses its own software called Slimbook face, which is pre-installed in your preferred distro or can be downloaded from the website(only to those who purchased a laptop).
With that said, I can’t find the project on their Github page which is weird.
You can find it here
Their website is kinda terrible to navigate but it gets the job done.
If this software can be installed on Arch I might consider getting the Next version of this!

There also is Howdy, beyond the slightly broken AUR package, which apparently also works well.

That’s all. have a great day folks

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Sounds very creepy. This tracks you even more. It doesn’t make you more secure.


Yep, and if glowing letter agencies will capture you they’ll open your slimbook with your face using force :man_facepalming:


Where I live, glow-in-the-dark triliteral agencies would not be able to open my slimbook1 with my face, since they would beat me so badly that no face recognition software would recognise me.

And then they would politely ask me to unlock it, and I would do so :rofl:

1BTW, this is a hypothetical, I don’t have a slimbook.


Is it just me, or unlocking a laptop is a non-issue that has many unnecessary solutions? I can’t think of a reason as to why you’d want facial recognition on a laptop. It saves you one and a half seconds at a time over typing your password and unlike a phone, you don’t log into your laptop every other minute. Am I missing something? Is there more uses to facial recognition? Or is it just a “cool” feature to market something better?


It’s not for users, it’s for agencies :male_detective:
Very handy feature :joy:

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In case they forget your password :slight_smile:

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