Apparently even vending machines are privacy nightmare now


And people wonder why i wear :clown_face: makeup…ha!



Some may say you seem crazy, i say your ahead of your time :rofl:


The most cutting edge techniques this days is to identify person by a shadow or the way you walk…

Well good luck petite tyrants with their digital gulags!
I don’t go out without my ball(s :postal_horn: ) !!!


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With the shadow is new to me :exploding_head:

Too fast for the sensors :clown_face:

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Yeah i’ve heard of it recently…It’s mostly used in China, and soon they want to do this in Russia…But as always those are beta tests for whole :clown_face: :earth_africa: to launch.

I don’t think on it’s own it’s super-accurate, but as one of huge sum of other factors…it helps to get 100% match.

Unless you’re a :clown_face: of course! :rofl:

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I mean coupled with the “way you walk”, look like a pretty solid combo :sweat_smile:

The walking one, is probably really accurate on itself. That remember me, one day when i was kid, on a flat beach, i’ve recognized my father that was walking toward me at 1/2km away just with the way he walk. So its probably easy for a computer.

Until the “way you run on balloon” appear :clown_face:

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Another argument for not bothering users with error messages, as they only confuse the normal user. :male_detective:
Go on, nothing to see here, don’t forget to enjoy the day.

At what point does the Expectation of Privacy come in at a Public Vending Machine?

While It may be a shady way for the University to sell data nothing immoral about it. There is no expectation of privacy. Besides its in Canada where it doesn’t matter :rofl:.