Anyone using Yandex browser?

Anyone using Yandex browser? How do you find it? Is it faster than other browsers?

Well it’s Chromium based in a nutshell, just like everything else this days, but i see it more like:
Google Chrome = CIA/NSA + selling yourself to ad companies
Yandex browser = FSB + selling yourself to ad companies

So, no thx :upside_down_face:
I’d rather not glow in the dark at all with LibreWolf / TOR / Lynx :joy:


Oh, all these spy agencies would know about you if they want and if you are that important, with or without the use of a given browser. You are using credit/debit cards, mobile phones etc, so you are in the grid. But, this is not what I asked. :slight_smile:

What I wanted to know, if anyone uses it and how it works in the technical point of view for them.

But that’s the point, i have tested it out of interest and for my job (last time about a year ago), it was unsurprisingly exactly like any other Chromium based browser, so there’s no point to sell yourself even more for nothing, just use Chromium / Ungoogled Chromium.

There’s nothing valuable / improved there, you can test yourself to compare, it’s pretty easy


Don’t get me started on how exactly and what i use, you’d be shocked :rofl:

Glowboys can get me only physically :upside_down_face:


Sorry, off topic even for Lounge. I speak Russian too by the way.

I don’t use it. I use 3 browsers normally! Firefox, LibreWolf and ungoogled-chromium. I can play around a bit with other browsers sometimes. More for testing.

I speak only :alien:

So you think that Yandex browser could add something like better auto-translation to Russian language etc?

As far as i know, if you use Yandex search (certainly it will be used there by default) for something casual inside Russia - it will probably give best / one of the best results compared to even Google.

But if you use it to search something anti-government or banned / undesirable by government - it will give you bad results or suppress / hide them…Just like Google for US :upside_down_face:

Still, all the above can be easily done with any Chromium based browser, like adding Yandex search, browser itself technically is the same.

sorry never use. librewolf only ATM

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Conspiracy theorists always have food everywhere. :slight_smile:


net privacy is being destroyed that no Conspiracy!! that fact :blush: I say no more on matter as it go off your topic :pray:

Edit …" Dont worry you will own nothing and you will be happy " say no more :wink:


Perhaps you could answer those questions yourself by … starting to use it and share your findings with the rest of the community.


I regularly look through a Russian website dedicated to computer security. And among its regular visitors, there are many who prefer the Yandex browser. I don’t know why, but it’s a fact. I myself use Chromium for the simple reason that it suits me and there is no desire to look for something to replace it.

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Feels like I am already there :sweat_smile:


I am just trying it. I work online, so I am always in search for a better and faster browser. It appears, atm, that it is faster than Edge dev for Linux. The default search engine is Google, for UK and for few other countries. Additionally, there are Yandex services, which are interesting, if you read in their language, Russian. Text is crispy, good for the eyes. Aha, Yandex cannot pinpoint my location (it place me few hundred kms away), whereas Google can to about a meter, even within Yandex browser.

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Google uses many different things to know where you are in the world. Try not to use Google. They’re going to kick your ass if they want to.

I know it’s a private matter, but keep them away as much as possible.

Personally, I’ve blocked most things from Google.

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That’s alright. Google works for me too. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t really what I said! But okay! :smiley:


Nope, heard of it, never tried it, try to avoid Chrome browsers as it happens. I’m actually rather weird and use Palemoon


I find the Spandex browser much more fun …




It is interesting that my bank refused to connect through Yandex. :thinking: