Anyone tried cinnamon 6.0 wayland?

whats iut like ? useable?

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No, I haven’t yet.

Cinnamon’s Wayland support is in Alpha stage of development so I guess it is not there yet for being used as daily driver.

Wayland Support

With Linux Mint 21.3 and Cinnamon 6.0 we’ll start providing experimental (as in ALPHA) support for Wayland. As previously announced this won’t take priority over Xorg, we’ll take our time to fix Wayland issues, but we’ll start accepting bug reports nonetheless.

We have a dedicated Github repository for issues related to Wayland, whether they need fixing in Cinnamon, in an XApp project, a Mint tool or anything software project we maintain:


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But Linux Mint 21.3 Beta is released yesterday, so maybe it is not anymore in alpha

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I have a couple of programs that hate wayland – one tells you as much – so I’ve been staying on X11.

However, I’m glad Cinnamon is picking up wayland.

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I never go back to X :slight_smile: Wayland is the best

How exactly? What improvements over X do you personally notice? Genuinely interested.

Wayland isn’t better than X until 90% of users are able to use Wayland without running into issues, that would mean all applications would work on Wayland compatibility. For example when I use Steam on (X)Wayland I get constant graphical glitches and sometimes the Steam client disappears, however not a big chance that is going to happen in the near future because it would probably mean that all the Games would need to be made Wayland compatible too and that would involve all the game developers. Another thing that is still broken on Wayland is Steam game-streaming games from your pc to a tv and same goes for many other screen-capturing and screen-sharing application. One thing that recently started working again was screen-sharing, but you never know when it will stop working again because of an update. Also the compatibility with Nvidia drivers needs to be improved because not everyone is buying a new gpu just to run Wayland, but that is more of an Nvidia problem.


No, not the games but wine / proton…they’re making a lot of progress in that regards lately, wine 9.0+ should be fully wayland compatible, as far as i understood…should :clown_face:


I forgot about that part, that’s good news! :slight_smile:

Hopefully, i’m sure Wayland will still have enough problems :rofl:

I have been doing a lot of test installs lately. Here is Cinnamon 6.0 with Wayland on a PineBook Pro ARM device.

I have only been on it for about 15 minutes, but so far it does everything in my use case.

Firefox seems to be stable, 720 video played perfect, 1080 was better than I expected, 4k had dropped frames. Not too bad for a WiFi only device.



I have a device that has a touchscreen that I actively use. So far I haven’t found a way to get good touchscreen support with X (I’d be happy to learn otherwise), whereas wayland provides native touch support (emulating a mouse pointer doesn’t count). These days I have no noticeable issues with my setup in regards to wayland, but that statement is obviously limited to my personal workflow.


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Not only Cinnamon. I Have read news from Pantheon Desktop Environment will bring initial Wayland Support beginning from Elementary OS 8 (Based of Ubuntu 24.04)
elementary OS 8 to Ship with Wayland by Default, Based on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Odd thing about that… I’ve been using Wayland on Gnome for 6 months and switched to Cinnamon this week. To my surprise all my apps starting working again. No strange title bar glitches on apps that don’t have title bars, no video tearing (hello, 2008 XFCE wants its compositor back), no editing .desktop files to force Xwayland. Just install and use the app. I’m sure Wayland is the future and we’ll be fighting with it until long after my death.