Anyone surprised by Google?

I doubt there are any surprises. But saw this article, hopefully folks start to learn to not trust incognito mode lol


The very idea that a trusted company like Google would track user activity is truly shocking.



My first impression is that you buy a collander to store your passwords, and now they’ve been asked to plug ONE hole… so now it’s surely safe.

Much as I’ve enjoyed some Google stuff over the years (and there’s no denying that these guys are clever) I do wonder what’s next and when it’s going to take over.


That was an interesting read. Thank you for sharing. Does incognito mode even provide any benefits outside of “private” browsing?

If they are spying its not PRIVATE



Not surprised in the least and known this is their pattern and behavior so how can one be shocked. This is what i hate about ALL these companies Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc etc. It’s going to be even worse with AI being implemented. I don’t like it at all!


I don’t even know why incognito mode, or private mode/window in other browsers, are even a thing. The only thing it does in practice is just delete clear cache, cookies and browsing history… You can set that up with 1 click.





I think everybody I know uses it so that wherever they want to go to doesn’t effect their history or cookies. So… you know… adult entertainment stuff and the like…


Seems there is no space left on device.


I stopped using everything from google I possibly can, and started nearly 2 decades ago! I do have an Android phone, but have de-googled it as good I can and use Linux native apps from Fdroid on it mostly. For my laptop, network and workstations, I have been 100% Linux for 14 years now, and I use Duck Duck go, Open Maps, and other more FOSS centric stuff, and Firefox, and have but a single google email and whatever the google account is called now (used to be plus) in order to use YouTube, and it only, because I was on YouTube when it first got started, and there are too many great channels that haven’t gone to FOSS alternatives. So I was a YouTuber before google bought it and made it all creepy and nasty, so if it weren’t for the great content, I would be rid of it too in a heart beat, and I bet you 45,000 penguins :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin:… on it!

I don’t trust them at all!

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EVERYBODY knew ‘incognito’ meant you could hide your tracks from others who may share your computer, but you’d never hide your browsing from them. Google never hid that. One of the rare cases I’d call judicial over-reach involving those dirtbags.

The passive-aggressive apology/lie from google is GOLD: "Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda says in a statement that the company “is happy to delete old technical data that was never associated with an individual and was never used for any form of personalization.” "

Oh wait, and this is priceless, did anyone notice this? "Castaneda also noted that the company will now pay “zero” dollars as part of the settlement after earlier facing a $5 billion penalty**

they didn’t lose one penny here. they would have won on appeal anyway. the only cost will be the overtime paid to 2 employees as the hit the magic “DELETE” button.

The ruthlessness of Microsoft back in the day set a precedent only to be furthur expanded by the next mega corp/gov. Seems to be the status quo of everything now a days.

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