Anyone have ARM EndeavourOS running virtualized in UTM on the Mac?

The free UTM app for the macOS is pretty cool… I have ARM OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, and ARM Windows 11 running on my Apple Silicon Macbook Pro, and performance is fine for my use.

Of course, I’d like to have ARM EndeavourOS installed, but haven’t been able to figure out how to do so… is there an ARM live installation CD .iso available?

The ARM folks seem to be busy, or offline, but here you go!

Last, but not least, @darkhorse:

never used + i no have personal M1 mac ( only work one that i already get warn for install Asahi linux on it)

i guess if the image on UTM is basic base install of arch ? it possible . no sure if any plan for m1 support on Endeavouros

" " :pray: can no test it for you

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Hello @darkhorse , here is the current available method.

I haven’t tried it out personally since I don’t own a M1

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parallels is paid , free trial ok but no great . as @sradjoker said Parallels give best xp for vm on m1 /m2 mac

Edit … even think that post out of date now.
take look at " "

Thank you @Shjim for reminding me of the wiki… from there I went and found the aarch64 boot .iso

For me to use the Apple Virtualization Framework from within the free UTM app, it’s easiest to use a bootable .iso.

So I followed the archboot directions to get a base aarch64 install booting. Next, from the command line, I installed git and python3, and then continued with the directions as found on:

to clone the repo and run the install script. I then rebooted the VM and tada! EndeavourOS login screen!

Using 8192MB RAM and 5 CPU cores on my MBP Max 16" machine, very pleased with the overall speed.

thanks everyone for your help, much appreciated.


Here is a screen shot of the sys info when done…
Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 7.03.06 AM


glad it work for you . hope you enjoy endeavouros :+1: