Anyone else experiencing mouse cursor freezes

anyone else experiencing mouse cursor freezes? Regular cursor action resumes after a reboot.

I have had such freezes that would occur for periods of time following OS updates, normal operation would resume for several weeks and the issue returns after further OS updates.

The issue seems not to occur when running Manjaro. Using KDE plasma and latest stable kernel on both EndeavourOS and Manjaro.

edit: issue also present with Manjaro (just seemingly less frequent)

Perhaps your issue is related to this: Plasma Operation Issues

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uninstalling xf86-video-intel on intel gpu/igpu newer as gen4 is the first to try indeed. newer installs will not have this “legacy” package installed.

A quick read of “Plasma Operation Issues” seemed to indicate keyboard lock-up, which is not happening in my case. (I can control-alt-F2 back to terminal)

I did eliminate xf86-video-intel file which was present in Manjaro, NOT present on EndeavourOS installation.

(my system is using a Ryzen 5 5600X and Radeon RX 6600 XT)