Any phone root experts?

I have a Samsung A5 (2017), and I have been getting pretty fed up with the apps I can’t remove that don’t work for my country, and others that insist on running in the background to no advantage for me. Not to mention the space they take up!

There appear to be a LOT of options - but little information about which solutions are best for rooting it. Perhaps replacing its OS entirely? Any relevant experience would exceed my own - all I’ve done in that line is trying early Ubuntu Phone - and Ubuntu for Tablets - and that was a while ago! Any knowledgte I have is nearly as outdated as myself, I suspect. Thanks for any words - of wisdom? :grin:

A Samsung phone from 2017 should be easy to root all that is needed is odin or hemdall on linux. The best place for advice is the xda forums. If you only want to debloat a lot of apps can be removed with adb or if not package disabler pro


Noted. I’ve seen those names mentioned, but didn’t know their relative reliability or usability. Thanks for the right place to go look! As for those other things you mention, does that mean an alternative exists for de-bloat (though I would probably still root it if operation is not degraded) ?

I’m far from an expert but I’d highly 2nd XDA Forums as well. That’s if you want to install a custom ROM, they’d have a thread for each supported ROM in the forum category of your phone. Probably a bunch of misc threads with useful things too.

LineageOS seems to support the phone well, it’s one of the most trusted ROMs out there.

If you do want to debloat, there’s multiple solutions out there and while I haven’t tried them since I’m sitting on a custom ROM, I’ve heard that this is the best one at the moment:


Adb or package disabler pro won’t require root. Package disabler and other apps like disconnect Pro use Samsungs knox service to sandbox unwanted apps. Adhell 3 was a great free alternative but think the knox licence doesn’t work anymore.

I used to build custom roms for the note 2 and note 4 ,Samsung custom rom scene isn’t what it used to be but there’s still plenty of devs working on the older Samsung models

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LineageOS might be worth considering:

I have used LineageOS for a long time on my phones. To be honest, it takes some time to get it right, but in my mind well worth it.
And the XDA forums is an essential place for more information!


BTW, if you change to LineageOS, you’ll lose all your data: pictures, text messages, phone books, etc.
So backup them first if you want to keep them.

words - of wisdom?

Hope so! :wink:

The only backups I’ve done have been to Google - can Lineage recover from there - or do I need to do it in an alternate manner? It looks more and more like Lineage is the way to try next!

XDA Forums have been a treasure trove of useful info and roms for me for many years. Definitely recommend starting there.

Google can backup only some stuff, depending on your settings. And Lineage gets the same account info from you, so it should work. Anyway, backing up to your EOS box is also wise, just in case.
As far as I know, e.g. text messages do not go to Google. And Whatsapp messages have their own backup system. So how to backup depends on the apps.

Thanks for the info - nothing tricky on my phone - about the only app I added is Cool Reader! I’ll check out the other stuff about backups, though.

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Well - I spent a fair bit of time, and got (apparently) nowhere with Lineage OS. There seemed to be nothing that would not work, but the results were missing!

I suspect it came down to the trying to get it shut down after the recovery load. I think it managed to reboot too far before being shut off (and the new .zip sideloaded) so it recovered itself to the original.

I’ll have another try when I get up again - at least the procedures won’t seem as strange second time around! Oh - and I have a magnifying glass at the ready now, to try to read the screen output…

Samsung phones may not be the easiest for LineageOS. Did you use Heimdall?
Anyway, it is important to not reboot too early, as it will restore some old stuff.
And if you install gapps (Google apps), it must be installed right after installing LineageOS ROM, without reboot in between.

And remember to read the latest instructions from the XDA forum of that device (search: a5y17lte lineageos official)!

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Have the Samsung A20 here running Lineage with Gapps-pico.
I use TWRP to flash Lineage and then Gapps-pico before rebooting.
As posted above the XDA forums is the place to be,


Is this the one you are trying to install

I know the dev he’s quite helpful, have you tried the telegram group for it? It’s pretty straightforward once you have twrp installed

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I did - that was in the instruction set I was following, As I mentioned - it seemed that everything worked - except that it self-rebooted before I could get it into sideload mode (as far as I could tell).

I tried to use the stuff that Lineage had together in terms of recovery and .zip ROM file - will look further in XDA to see if that makes things more difficult!

As I noted above, I use the one that Lineage posts together with the software. Not sure of its original name. May not have been TWRP - which may have been a mistake :grin: No reason to expect not to make any mistakes…

If I can’t get it going directly, I will then try rooting first - then doing the custom ‘ROM’ - but I am not beaten yet

TWRP is a more versatile recovery than the one offered side by side with the ROM. Both should work, but I don’t really know the status of Samsung phones with Lineage. That’s why Xda forum is the obvious place to look for information.
I just guess TWRP is a better choice because it can do more.

Btw, many phones have a hidden Developer mode that can be activated from the phone menus. In the dev mode you can make phone’s rebooting to offer more options to what will be the boot target: system (default), recovery and a third mode (has many names, my phone calls it bootloader mode, could be fastboot mode).
That makes rebooting a bit easier and may help while installing LineageOS.

Have you already downloaded android tools package ? Don’t remember if they help with Samsung phones, but other phones can benefit from them.

Best recovery : TWRP
Best custom roms?
1.LineageOS (For people who want a simple and stock experience with some privacy tools out of the box)
2.Resurrectiom remix (For people who want something from lineageOS but with a TON of customizable options. This is my favourite OS and i recommend it to everyone)
3.Pixel experience (As the name says, it gives you that “pixel experience” to your phone. Not recommending.)
Also, if you consider a custom rom, ALWAYS look for the security date. Do NOT install a rom with a one-two years old security build, just don’t. It’s not worth it. You never know what can come out wrong.

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Well - I am having no luck yet with anything I’ve tried. I would try Resurrection remix, buit I can find no reference to tell what version to attempt! -hotdog - or bacon? ocean - or lavender? :grin:

I got a little further while trying my tablet (so I can least see what it is telling me) - I got into WTRP OK on the tablet - wiped successfully, but couldn’t get the sideload to work right. adb pushed the .zip’s to the sdcard, and tried install from there - same set of errors (such as no file_contexts). So - on to the next thing I guess… :frowning_face: