Any phone root experts?

Hotdog, bacon, lavender etc are just codenames for different devices. Check your codename online.

Thanks - I assumed they were coded somehow - but I found no reference on the site. Off to research, just in case it’ll work better than the LineageOS builds seem to…

Update - got the tablet build going OK - on lineageOS. It was a scripting error - or permissions error? - it would not get past a mkdir /cache/recovery until I used TWRP to enter a terminal and create it myself. After that everything just flew through problem-free. Maybe just a bad daily build or two?

Anyway - back to the phone IF I can get TWRP on it, I have higher expectations now :grin:

Still no luck on code name for my tablet…


That’s bit strange, but then I haven’t tried all possible machines with LineageOS. :wink:
Hope you formatted and wiped stuff as instructed?

Anyway, great to hear about your success with it! :sweat_smile:

It’s a weird one alright. Actually found the suggestion on StackExchange - not where I would expect it. Other good news - got the phone onto Lineage as well. It didn’t need the mkdir fix, but it also would not install from adb - had to adb push the files to /sdcard , and install from there. Was still REAL tough to get to recovery mode from Download mode, Maybe I’m just too slow? :grin:

Lost a few apps that I didn’t expect to - I guess if they’re not on the Play store anymore, they go away. trying to get used to the newer Android as well! I suppose it’s an improvement once I do…


Well done! :sweat_smile:

Hopefully you’ll be happy with LineageOS. Even though it gives a new life to old phones, it is a bit different from e.g. Samsung’s user interface and apps.

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Just downloaded the updated lineage17.1 for the month of December for my Samsung A20 phone.
Need to update my phone now. :+1:

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I have a Google Nexus 5 spare phone. I want to try this on it. So i will see if i can figure it out when i get some time.

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It can be a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy yourself little little to no google. :wink:

I kinda feel like poking the hive now…

Did you know there’s a no-Google at all option, even for your phone?

It’s the same thing I am using for my device and it’s called MicroG for LineageOS. MicroG is a back end that replaces google services. This means, like I said before, no more need for Google.

I highly recommend it! FOSS all the way!

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Looks like unfortunately Nexus 5 is no more supported by LineageOS.

Consider it poked! I’m not going there though - having a “Privacy Guard” to stop the worst leaking -and being able to remove the apps I’ll never use- are the things I was looking for. I still have a gmail, and am on some googlegroups, :toolbox:

Whenever you’re ready, the dark side will be waiting… :wink:

Gee- thanks! Dark mode is as far as I’m going there…
Actually, Google is under enough pressure by advocates, that careful use is possible with reasonable exposure only. It is truly amazing how many of their apps give it a try though, which you don’t realize with the Privacy Guard ffrom Lineage (or equivalent lockdowns)

Tongue in cheek remark, obviously. But it has been an eye opener for me to discover what is possible without relying on Google.


I use the pico gapp with lineage which gives me the app store. Then added adaway, never seen an ad for over a year now.

Where did you see that? It was listed when I went on the site? :thinking:

On the Lineage site, it is mentioned that it is no longer ‘official’ - unless some developer picks it up. Whether you can find an old build that works - not sure - but at own risk, and no security updates…

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Further update on experience with Lineage. On the tablet, it bumps Android up to v9 - which is fairly different than v8. Some of my apps won’r run on it at all - and others (games, so far) are laggy and hard to use. Might downgrade it to Lineage 15 - but it won’t be for long :frowning_face:

So far havent’ seen problems with v10 on the phone - but fewer games. One question, though - my email app, while not exciting(!) - has quit working. Don’t know which of the many is worth loading… any suggestions?

I know Google has been having trouble with Gmail over the last few days.