Any calendar app with notes feature?

I must able to add notes to the particular date and I should get a reminder a day before or on that day. is there any app with features??

EOS can add these features to the default calendar which shows on the tasksbar :thinking:

I haven’t used it really, but that seems to fit the bill


Calcurse is great if you can live with terminal app.

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You can use Meruko (Kalendar) or try installing Kontact, it’s the KDE PIM.

You can integrate notifications into the clock/date widget on the panel. Just go into configuration and select the calendars you want to be notified on.

I’ve been having an issue getting Google accounts to sync, but when it works, it’s exactly as expected and probably what you’re looking for.

Its awesome but going to try GUI ones first. I will try calcurse sometime later

Hey this looks good! Thanks for the tip. :+1:

I’ve been using khal with vdirsyncer (to sync with Nextcloud) for a while now, its been great but Calcurse does look a bit nicer.

The feature list on their web page says CalDAV support is “experimental”. Then the script they link says it’s “alpha software”. Any experience using that? If CalDAV is not reliable that’s kind of a deal breaker for me.

I haven’t used it personally but according what I have read it should work just fine.