Another YouTube Crackdown - Are Apps Like FreeTube Doomed?

I will find my way around. thanks for the help on the way there. I don’t want to totally jack this thread though–I’ve selfishly hogged enough bandwidth here! PS–I found out there are no cookies involved with this tool which is nice. stlll playing in it. if this app downloads stuff then I will say goodbye to ytdlp.

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That’s what the forum is for :wink:

I am not quite sure if it is even possible to play videos in a terminal. If you find out something, let us know

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what I thought were videos in all the pictures were simply thumbnail pics (d’oh!) which is why I got that impression. After looking around a while I believe it cannot be done. I like this program, though, I must say.

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I use an alias in my .zshrc

alias ytf=‘ytfzf -T chafa --show-thumbnails’

so i can search whatever i want

➜  ytf
➜  ytf
> gnome-terminal
Scraping YouTube (with (gnome-terminal, pg: 1)
Fetching thumbnails...

Yes me too. The thumbails are a bit pixelated, I still have to figure out how to make them clearer


according to a 3-year old stack article titled “Can one watch video in terminal(command line)?”
the answer is kinda yes…

you need a terminal player called TIMG…which is a tiling manager/Terminal franken-thing all in itself so the answer is YES you can play a video in the terminal but not the terminal you want to play it in…also the video must be downloaded and in /home somewhere–
—some other weird ‘yes you can’ answers in that thread.

I still think no.

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I would also add that other platforms don’t have the money incentive that YouTube has. You can make a full time job out of creating YouTube videos, something that most top creators do. These top creators have other things usually, like a Patreon, but a good chunk of their money comes from ads too. Most aren’t willing to jump ship to something else. They might host their videos somewhere else like Odysee, for example, but not many do so. As a result, most people, even those that I would like to switch, can’t really because their favorite creators aren’t on that platform.

I also remember a video a couple of years ago done by kliksphilip that features a small part about the Odysee and how he faces some pretty vile and nasty stuff on it and believes the platform doesn’t have any chance of competing with YouTube. So other alternatives are also viewed as less because these platforms seem to turn into extremists meeting places by the public.

The bit in that video I suspect @winnyace is pointing to, starts at the 2 minute mark.

He’s not wrong, comments on Odysee are sometimes astonishingly bad. I entertain the possibility that much of this is not individuals, but bots. It certainly permits one to paint Odysee with a broad and unkind brush.

Only the thumbnail is displayed in the terminal, the video is played in a mpv window

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@winnyace @Bink Yes, I’ve seen such comments. Often times they are racist, sexist, or political. It is sad to see.

I’m hoping Peertube will become the front-runner eventually since it is properly connected to ActivityPub.

YouTube experimenting with server-side ad injection.


On ghacks


Eventually, I’ll have to pretend that YT doesn’t exist. I have done so successfully with FB for the last 8 years, so I know I can do it.


As long as yt-dlp works, my world is fine :earth_africa: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have never used FB. But I had gplus for a while :exploding_head: :scream:

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Me too. But at that time, digital privacy wasn’t something I paid any attention to.

Now, my gmail account only exists because I haven’t switched from using base Android yet, and this one company in my country which won’t allow me to change my email, nor delete my account with them. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Indeed. I think I said goodbye to it completely about eight years ago. I have requested the complete deletion of goolag. I also changed my telephone number at some point. I don’t think they have much of me anymore.
That’s when I started learning about privacy in the digital realm.

Uh thats strange :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’ll get to this stage within the next 3 years, I think. Hopefully, in less than 1 year.

My part of the world isn’t all that up-to-date with tech. I always have to buy devices online and ship them here because the ones available locally are usually a minimum of 3 years old, with an average of 6 years old. The only devices we have that are actually new are iPhones and Samsung phones.

I don’t know if I could do that, honestly. YouTube is a pretty big part of my daily life. I guess if Google adds server-side ad, I will watch YouTube with ads… :nauseated_face:

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yt-dlp seems to be struggling with some issues as well:


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I’d like YT to be replaced by PeerTube, so it’s not like I want such a platform to no longer exist.

The same way people can sign up by the thousands and tens of thousands for Mastodon, Cara, Bluesky, and Threads, the same way they can for PeerTube.

Most of them were just following the trend because they saw others doing it. Their previous complaints about not wanting to sign up for another service, not finding their favourite content creator, etc. disappeared when there was a new trend to jump on.

The same way people can sign up by the thousands and tens of thousands for Mastodon, Cara, Bluesky, and Threads, the same way they can for PeerTube.

They say it’s not “Practical” because it costs you infinity amount of money due to self-hosting/storage (if you’re a regular YouTuber/PeerTuber). DistroTube on PeerTube.

Personally I don’t see any future of PeerTube as an alternative to YouTube but “Live streaming” could be an option for PeerTube/Owncast as you don’t store your videos on cloud, excellent alternative to Twitch, Kick (it’s trending btw due to their revenue model) & similar platforms.

Channels on such live streaming platforms mostly depend on donation model, so if people start using FOSS alternatives there are no middle man to cut service charge. The only issue is making it accessible to normal people without any technical hassles. Still long way to go though.