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I’m not new to Linux as I started early 2000s with Mandrake distro, then I’ve been switching to different *buntu flavors to finally land with Manjaro somewhere like 2017 I guess. For me, Manjaro was stable as rock and I have never experienced issues (except for one-time thing but purely related to Nvidia drivers). Now I’d like to verify on my own all these legends about immediate updates destroying Arch. I have chosen EndeavourOS because even I have some Linux experience I’m not as experienced to install all that stuff in text mode :slight_smile:

One thing that I noticed right away and I like much is EnOS has lowered significantly my wifi ping and latency in FPS games, now I know it’s just a matter of configuration but I’m getting that out of the box here :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m very curious on this experiment results.

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I’ve been distrohopping for the last 26 years and I’ve ended up here. Endeavour is an excellent OS. I recently loaded up the latest Fedora spin and may give Ubuntu Cinnamon a spin. I do this mostly to see how everyone else is progressing. It gives me sometimes a lot of down time installing different OS distros and then reinstalling what I felt comfortable with. I’m no expert by any means. . .it’s a continual learning progression sometimes by repetition I guess. Welcome to the forum and happy computing.




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:enos_flag: Welcome! I am also a Manjaro expat. I loved Manjaro (still use it for some of my machines), and I have also been very happy with Endeavour’s stability and performance.

I think you’ll find that the minimal and terminal-centric nature of Endeavour lends it a very high degree of compatibility with Arch tutorials / wikis, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll be learning a lot in no time.


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As for “breaking things”, it happens, yes. In some cases, it’s mysterious and technical Anyone else noticed stuttering in games recently? - #11 by GUIn00b , and in others it’s plain user-foolery. Removed dracut, cannot boot now - #25 by dalto :laughing: The responsive, friendly community here has made it quite tenable IMO. :heart:

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Yeah, I understand all that, but even though it causes some issues, I was curious how much truth is in all those complaints about arch updates destroying OS that you can find over the internet and so on; I’m with EnOS for 2 weeks now and no issues at all; I’ve learned dracut, timeshift + btrfs; now I will try to apprach systemd-boot; but I need to dig deeper a bit and find out the best pattern for encrypting dual boot machine. Nice system, I like it much but I feel it’s rather not for beginners, good choice for ones having some linux background and interested in learning on how that thing works.