Removed dracut, cannot boot now

3 folders. The first one is a really long string of numbers and letters. second is EFI. third is loader

You are using systemd-boot.

Yahtzee! Side trivia: which of those things in that folder helped you determine itwas systemd-boot?

In the meantime, gonna finish getting this fixed lol! TY! :slight_smile:

Well, first of all, you wouldn’t have /efi at all if you were using grub.

Beyond that, the loader directory is from systemd-boot and the long string of characters is from kernel-install which is part of systemd-boot.


Good to know, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

I have ran yay -Sy dracut kernel-install-for-dracut

Then I ran dracut-rebuild

Anything else I need to do before rebooting?

You should run reinstall-kernels just be safe.

Well, it doesn’t appear that was quite enough. I’m still only getting the boot entry for my UEFI BIOS.

Can you share the full output from reinstall-kernels in the chroot?

There’s no output. It just completes and returns to the root@EndeavourOS /] # terminal prompt

What does cat /etc/kernel-install-for-dracut.conf show?

lol nothing that isn’t commented out. I’ll grab a pic with my phone really quick, one sec.

How about this:

find /usr/lib/modules -maxdepth 2 -type f -name vmlinuz


Oh. I know what the issue is. When you removed dracut that would have removed all your kernels too.

Try this:

pacman -S linux linux-headers

woo that set off a bunch of dracut stuffz! :smiley:

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That should be all you need.

Reboot once it finishes.

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YEAAAHHHHHH!!! :smiley: Thank you x 10,000! <3 <3 <3 :smiley:

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I remember someone on the forum saying something like “do anything you want with Linux, just don’t break it” LOL I forget that all the time ;-0

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