Another broken desktop, wait, reinstall?

So I’m still a bit new and trying to learn Linux so some of it is a bit confusing. I updated my system without timeshit save. I have read on some of the post that people have said go to the login screen to just choose x11 session, the problem is mine just logs straight in. I have tried to use a command Logout but nothing happens. I couldn’t find a command to switch to x11 in the next reset or something of the kind.

One question I have is, I have seen people say wait out for an update. So when to Endeavor team finds out a fix, when i update will my desktop go back to normal and fix it self? Is there a way to revert back to fix the problem but without a save point? Should I just do a fresh reinstall?

I will be out of town for 2 weeks so I don’t have a problem wait if an update will fix it. I would appreciate any advice or help, thanks

Please have a look at the first point in this post: Plasma 6 Update some hints

The wait that people have recommended is not for EndeavourOS to fix the issues, it’s for the DE developers of KDE Plasma to fix the issues.

As @pebcak mentioned, check the link he sent, please.


@ddnn thank you I appreciate it I been looking at the newbie forum for a solution, i stupidly didn’t think to check the important notification. Thanks

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Sounds like you setup autologin when you installed. You can open system settings -> color and themes -> login screen -> behavior and change the autologin from wayland to x11 from there. Then you need to reboot.