An article on hand gestures that probably applies to emojis

I just ran across an article on the history of hand gestures and their meanings. As I was reading this my thought was that this probably applies to emojis also. In fact, we have already run across this on the forum. The infamous incident where the Astronaut was giving the “metal” (official name of the emoji) sign on his hand.

I just found this interesting and offer it as food for thought.

I was interrupted in the middle of this post and forgot the link



Are you going to share the article? The anticipation is palpable…


I was in the middle of this post when the hounds decided they needed to go out. :dog2:
When I returned I finished but forgot the link. With me around, I guess we need a dementia emoji.



I skimmed the article & i just wanted to know what happens if you have no word for :frog:


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I suspect it is a complicated gesture…

Open palm up, other hand with curled 2 fingers down… curled fingers are extended rapidly, and left ‘trailing behind’ as the hands are separated quite quickly…

Jumping :frog: !

I think it’s almost like a fist but you have to raise your pinky and your thumb. :thinking:

Edit: Those are the eyes! :frog:

In that case, no feeding allowed! I hate the thought of the tongue extended…

And then there’s this:

I can’t do it with my fat, crooked fingers.


I’ve managed to do that, now i have a frog so it’s never lonely :rofl:


That’s hard! Maybe my fingers don’t want to do these things either. Need to be 10 again.