AMD radeon release notes - Where is 6k series?

If you check the release notes for the newest Radeon driver at, you will notice a few things.

First, everything is being done for the new 7k series, not even a mention for 6k series in the release notes.
Second thing you will notice is that the known issues are now changed, they weren’t fixed for the 6k series, they just replaced them with new known issues for the new 7k series, and that is it…

This is the kind of behavior that makes me think about Intel ARC GPUs…

what exactly is your problem? Those are windows notes, they have no relevance on Linux at all.

And: the 6k series is 2 years old, stable and running great - so no series specific fixes or improvements needed there, hence no appearance in the changelogs.
Edit: Lol, now that I took a closer look - they didn’t even make 7k series specific improvements. They made GENERAL changes for all series and only used the 7k series for benchmark-numbers - would look stupid if they mentioned benchmarks from all series in the release notes …
For Fixes, still see the first sentence of this paragraph.

where do you see a mentioning of a specific series in the known issues? I see none:

Known Issues

Performance Metrics Overlay may report N/A for FPS on various games. 
Audio may intermittently become out of sync with video when recording from AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition with AV1 codec.
The display may intermittently freeze after changing the encoding format while streaming select games using AMD Link. Users experiencing this issue are suggested to select the desired encode format before streaming as a temporary workaround.

good luck with the company that keeps postponing their Big New Driver for almost 10 years now - wreaking havoc on their version numbers: 2.99.917+923

This thread is in the pub area for a reason.

There were an entire set of known issues that they are gone, not fixed, replaced by new ones.

Let’s see how the competition will perform in this field. :face_with_monocle:


Is this any good to you?

hm, a driver from 2021 ?
Well, I suppose I’m too demanding.

Anyway, it is very good to know that now we have a 3rd player in this arena.

Nvidia for me is a no go.
AMD is fine, but If Intel shows that is up to the game, I won’t think twice if prices are OK.
Intel, lets wait and see…

I only posted it because it had known issues i thought maybe you were looking for something.
Don’t you have a RX 6700 or RX 6750?

I usually read the release notes in AMD website to get an idea about the development, games supported, bug fixes and known bugs. Really nothing really special.

I have a RX 6750 xt and I’m happy with it, what bothers me is that when the 7000 series launched, AMD stopped for 2 months or more to release drivers for the 6000 series and that was something that got my attention.
After this episode, I started to constantly check what they were doing and noticed that the known bugs section were completely replaced by new things for the 7000 series.

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Well my RX 6750 is still sitting on the shelf new in the box. :laughing:

Edit: Along with the MSI B550 Tomahawk motherboard, Ryzen 5800X and the rest of the parts.

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It is a very powerful card, I’ve not been playing games recently but when I do, the GPU does the job quite decently.
Just get it out of the box and install it hehe :slight_smile:

I’m still using my RX 590 which is great. I don’t game and my desktop just runs superb.

The intel Arc A770 OC here is 16 GB DDR6 and is $549.00 Cdn.

hm, the 590 is nice too, it maxes out at 175W.
If you are just running superb, I wouldn’t open the box also.

But there are some benefits while watching videos, such as AV1 decode that can help you to save power.

hm, I’ll wait longer, perhaps 3 years to see how Intel’s drivers are working, prices and all.

Yes…i agree and this one is an Acer brand anyway. They do have Intel branded card at $469 Cdn and it’s probably better. I don’t have much faith in Acer.

Acer is very popular around here, their prices are competitive, but I’m not a big fan too.

I like Asus, not sure if it is because I’m a customer for years, but I already faced problems with other brands and Asus never let me down, at least yet :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a Gigabyte GPU that stopped working, artifacts first and then complete broken…
I think I used for 2 years only, it was a GTX 970.

My RX 6750 XT is an Asus. :wink:

Just clean once within 2 years of usage, check thermal pads and thermal paste.
It will run for years to come :+1:

My RX 6750 XT is an Asrock, the price was so good when compared to Asus counterpart that I just couldn’t not buy it…
And it has been working fine, Asrock really surprised me, good temps and all.

Yes and it has 12 GB memory DDR6. Pci-e 4.0 1440 QHD

Edit: They are still selling here @ $599 Cdn

Indeed, it can run everything.
My resolution here is 1080p, so it runs everything even faster and I don’t need to enable FSR/FSR2.

From what i hear it can run 1440 pretty good. Maybe not on all the highest settings in some games.

6750 xt didn’t age so well as the 6800 xt.

The RX 6800 xt is the GPU that is still pretty good for its age.
If you check 7800 xt performance, is very similar to 6800 xt.

Now, if you check 7700 xt performance, it is much stronger than the 6750 xt.