AMD Radeon 7900 (XTX) workaround

Owners of this series of GPU couldn’t boot/install any Linux distro. A Reddit user (Infernoblaze477) on our page, shared a workaround. Cassini Neo does boot with that GPU and install also works fine.
The only issue was that the mouse pointer wasn’t showing. In the user’s set-up, Plasma was installed and installing the Wayland packages and switching to Wayland resolved the issue.
Until it is fixed upstream, this sounds like a decent workaround for such machines.


Could it be reposted here, for people who do not use Reddit?

I guess that was it:

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@Kresimir It was a brief reaction on the neo release article and I litterally shared the workaround. (As @keybreak stated) :wink:


the only thing still missing is mesa 23.0 - with that, no workarounds are needed.
Might be a good idea to spin some ISO’s once mesa23 hits stable repos in about 2-4 weeks time.

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When the 7900XT and 790XTX came out i helped get a few users with these cards working. I was hoping Mesa would be updated by now. In the beginning they needed the newer firmware and mesa etc.

yea for now it is “only” the invisible cursor… seems there are some workarounds for it.
The other one is to create a xorg.conf dropin like this:


Section "OutputClass"
     Identifier "AMD"
     Driver "amdgpu"
     Option "SWCursor" "on"
     Option "TearFree" "true"

Sadly we were not able to find a workaround for the ISO… but as @BS86 mentioned already it will be solved altogether when mesa will get updated to 23.x
23 is not even released upstream for now…
and arch package is outdated already:

Indeed we will provide rebuild ISO if its ready and may regularly at all…

That’s what i did. I created some ISO’s with the latest firmware and mesa 23 in order to get them working. Some had the cursor issues. Some used Wayland also. I think also used newer version of llvm-git

yeah, they hit some blocker issues which made the timeline obsolete … Nethertheless, I am using it since RC2 and on an all AMD system, it is stable already. The blockers are mostly intel:

The last RC should be out this or next week, the week after the final release, and then 1-2 weeks in testing.

yes but i bet it can take a while to see the 23 on arch repos…

So, I’ve been following the whole 7900 XT(X) issue since the start, and I’ve recently gotten everything working with a clean installation of EndeavourOS with my DE of choice (Gnome) + Wayland.

All I did post install was use mesa-git and lib32-mesa-git from the AUR, and it is fully working, no more hangups on the GPU with Firefox, my games, etc.

Everything I’ve thrown at the game, from FFXIV to shooters and more, all work flawlessly and have been for a hot minute.

The fixes are currently not in the stable repo.