"Amazing elementary apps you can install on other linux distributions"

There are some really solid apps in there that I never heard of before. :+1:


I know somebody who may like https://appcenter.elementary.io/com.github.tenderowl.frog/ :rofl:


Hmm… who? :thinking:


Now look…you interupted his meditation on the lillypad! :wink:

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Well, their branding is certainly spot on. :frog:


A lot of those apps are not free. If you install Elementary OS and look at clippy etc… they want $

It’s “pay what you want” with a suggested price in the elementary-store.


Okay… I know they have that for downloading Elementary. I wasn’t paying attention i guess. I just thought maybe these particular apps aren’t free.

my console said: “bash: flatpak: command not found” when I tried to get their repo : (

Do you have flatpak installed?

https://flatpak.org/setup/EndeavourOS or https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Flatpak

I guess I should choose #3 if I’m using KDE, right?
although it says #1 is the default…

Yes. This is normally installed by the full plasma desktop package plasma-meta.

AFAIK you need 2 and 3.

I don’t seem to be a able to add the repo following the instruction given in that video:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists --system appcenter flatpak.elementary.io/repo.flatpakrepo
error: Can't load file flatpak.elementary.io/repo.flatpakrepo: No such file or directory

Have there been any changes since that video was made?

Edit: never mind this works:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists --system appcenter https://flatpak.elementary.io/repo.flatpakrepo

hmm… this installed some kind of geoclue service or dependency (I’m not sure, didn’t write down the exact title). Now I wonder what it is, whether it’s safe to remove that, and how to do so

the geoclue package: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/geoclue/geoclue/wikis/home

You can probably safely uninstall it, it will just break some functionality (e.g. weather apps trying to find your location automatically).

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sudo pacman -R geoclue says that the command failed since it’s required by xdg-desktop-portal
is there a way to force the removal somehow, despite the dependency?..

-d ignores dependencies, so sudo pacman -Rd geoclue should to it.

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… weirdly, that gave the same result.

OK. Try double d as in -Rdd, that should force it.

But of course it isn’t recommended and keep the force uninstall in mind if you see some errors in the future.

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