Albony or Nxtgen which ISO is Better?

As a Newbie on Arch Linux Endeavouros, its my first time installing linux on my pc,
And after searching a lot i been confused over ISO Mirror, where my country lies in ASIA, called Nepal,
which one ISO could be faster to install this distro…
My nearest mirror lies in INDIA, so which ISO should i download among these two ?
Need Help !

There’s only one way to find out which is better / faster for you…
However my advice - magnet / torrent, it’s fastest for anyone in the world.

between those two mirror of INDIA which should i download ?

Like i’ve said - the only way to find out which one is faster for you - try both.
Other than that - it doesn’t matter which one.

Thanks for guiding…
I will try it out.

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The ISO files themself are all the same and as @keybreak already said only the time it needs to get it download will differ.
The thing you should have in mind is to make sur eyou use3 rank mirror from welcome app before starting the install process later…

Aside from the EndeavourOS mirror the mirrors in india for Archlinux packages can be unstable, recommendation is to add Germany and US as falback in the selection of countries, and nearby countries to india … this will make the install more secure to not timeout.