AKM absurdly tall

With the chaotic AUR added I get an akm window that’s literally about 6 1440p monitors tall filled with all their kernels. I saw this thread about a fix, but it doesn’t seem to work in this instance.

I’d take a screenshot, but it’s too crazy lol. I’m not exaggerating about the height of the window. Takes me about 6 bottom to top drags with alt+left click to get to the bottom of the window.

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At least it no longer does things like that WITHOUT there being content! Not sure if there is a constraint possible to add (a --scroll parameter maybe?) but @manuel will know. There ARE a lot of choices in chaotic-aur!

Have you seen this thread?

Yeah, we have a workaround to the yad bug:

yea think this is a different BUG, needs slider to not show all kernels and grow the window size then like it does in your case.

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I did not! Didn’t think to search specifically for a yad fix. Though idk that it addresses the ability to scroll within akm, does it? Because the list of kernels itself is definitely taller than my monitor.

AFAIK, it WILL set scroll when needed - from what I could see from a quick zip through the source code. What yad version do you have in use?
(pacman -Ss yad and see what version is installed). The EnOS modified version should be OK with long lists…

I just applied the fix by moving eos repos to the top of my list and updated. It’s definitely not scrolling.

Sorry, I did not read the op properly.

Have you tried launching akm with the --scroll parameter now that you are using the EnOS version?


Holy crap. That works. Should have akm --help a while ago.