Affinity Designer

hey peple. does anyone know it is possible to get this software working on linux? i think this is the only peace of puzzle that i need to fully switch to linux. i work as graphic designer and i need this. i know for inkscape but i need CMYK so… by the way really nice and fast OS. keep a good work.

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You could try running it in a Windows VM. I used to run Affinity Photo in a VM for a time. It worked OK in vmware but was horribly slow in virtualbox.

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WINE’s AppDB says “no”.

I was trying hard, my experience says no…at least not yet :frowning:

how about some version of illustrator, at least some old versions like cs6 or something?

@Krimkerre can hook you up with Illustrator CC (not latest), wait for his PM :upside_down_face:

According to WINE’s AppDB, maybe.

For Photoshop / Illustrator you can safely ignore AppDB, they don’t know anything :upside_down_face:

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Some ideas here for you to look at.

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thanks guys. i am really amazed for fast and great this community is. im really glad i am here.

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Do you need CMYK just for printing? There are ways to export inkscape files using CMYK.

What about Krita? It has built in CMYK support.

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i work a lot with vector. yes for printing.

I was researching a little bit. Downloading Krita right now. I will try it tonight and see. Thanks for an idea.

All of this is explained in the video i posted too.

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I also use Affinity software, both Designer and Photo, and a while ago I attempted to get it to work on Linux with Wine, but I didn’t get it to work without issues.

As dalto said, you could try running it in a Windows VM. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I believe that it should be able to run really well with the right disk settings for your VM (.raw volume on an NVMe SSD with Virtio SCSI controller gave me really decent I/O performance) and GPU passthrough, which significantly boosts 2D/3D performance. Since ideally you need two GPUs, I haven’t tried it yet because I only have one GPU (it is however possible to get it working with one GPU).

Edit: I used QEMU/KVM as hypervisor.

Welcome Iso
I just tried a mock install from pacman and AUR. Both didn’t show any results.