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On the Welcome screen, I find links to software catalogs. I note the importance given to changing the wallpaper. But I can’t find any indication to add programs. You don’t have a Synaptic equivalent?


By default, you can use the cli applications yay and/or pacman to install and remove software

If you are looking for a graphical package manager, EndeavourOS doesn’t include one by default but there are three options available.

  • bauh - Handles repo packages, AUR, appimages and flatpaks
  • octopi - Handles repo packages and AUR
  • pamac - There are two versions available, pamac-aur which handles repo packages and AUR. pamac-all which handles snaps and flatpaks in addition to repo packages and AUR.

It is worth noting that pamac is sometimes broken on Arch-based distros as it targets the Manjaro repos.

You can install one of those with:

yay -Syu bauh
yay -Syu octopi
yay -Syu pamac-aur
yay -Syu pamac-all

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As @dalto said Endeavour doesn’t come with a graphical package manager. Because Endeavour tries to keep close to vanilla Arch as possible so we would never have one.

There are a few good graphical package managers as listed above but I would like to suggest you try out the command line package manager pacman or yay which would handle both pacman and AUR. It’s not that hard to get around.


I come from Ubuntu and I am discovering the specificities of EndeavorOS. Thank you both for these clear explanations.


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Ah … I see. More than welcome to ask and learn. But keep in mind EndeavourOS (Arch) and Ubuntu are two different ecosystems. The best thing is you don’t have to re-install every 6 months for point releases. Anyway as I said above the best way to do your package management is to be using the terminal. GUI solutions tend to mess things up.

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Here is the simplest way to install any program on EndeavourOS, no need for any graphical installers and other nonsense like that.

If you know what program you want to install, look it up on these two websites, in this order:

If you are just looking for a program to do some task, consult this Arch wiki page:

Next, install it using pacman if it is in the repos:

sudo pacman -S <package_name>

Here is a short list of some of the most useful pacman options:

If it is something from the AUR, you should look into how the AUR works and how to check the PKGBUILD files, just in case. It is really easy to install software from the AUR using a helper program like yay, but I would recommend that only after learning how the AUR works.

And I would recommend avoiding graphical package managers like Pamac, Octopi, or Bauh. They abstract away the package management from the user, often with detrimental results.


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As someone who used apt, flatpaks on elementaryOS (based on Ubuntu) before coming here, I find pacman and yay to be much superior way to install new software. I even installed pamac in the beginning because I thought I needed a GUI way to install software but I don’t even use it anymore.


I also came from the Ubuntu Universe to EndeavourOS a few weeks ago. First thing EndeavourOS taught me: You don’t need any graphical package managers. Get familiar with pacman/yay and forget about snap, flatpak, ppa etc. It’s a breeze. Every application I couldn’t find in the official repos, I found in the AUR. For me the AUR is a huge advantage over other distros.

And these are the places to look for applications.


You probably don’t have the simplest distribution.
But you have a really responsive and welcoming community.


You do not have the Stable, Testing and Unstable Branch?

No. Is the short answer. You are using Arch “stable” on EndeavourOS.


Thank you. We’re certainly not trying to have that! That was never the goal.

Thank you again! And welcome!

Just one. Technically if you wanted you can setup your pacman.conf to use the Arch testing repos if you want. But there’s only one Endeavour repo, and we already do the testing for it. No worries on that one.

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That depends a lot on the definition of simple. In case of Arch, it is not simple as in “convenient for newbies”, but simple as in “having a small number of parts with low complexity, so it’s easy to figure out how it works”.

A lot of people mistake convenience for simplicity. In reality, in order to make things convenient, one has to make them quite complicated (and then hide, or abstract-away that complexity). For example, even the simplest GUI programs have thousands of lines of code, but the end user does not feel that complexity. You only notice it when you try to understand how it works.

Arch has a different philosophy on simplicity: it ships fairly minimalistic, and thus simple to understand, but if you want convenience, you have to add that yourself (hopefully, knowing what you’re doing, so as to retain some of the understanding of how your system works).

That is why when something breaks on, say, 'Buntu, you often have no clue what happened and why something stopped working, while on Arch, 99 out of 100 times it’s your fault and, hopefully, you know exactly what you did to break something, which is a great clue to how to fix it.


to be added here there are only 1% of cases where it will be needed to use testing repository from Arch, it is mainly to test packages before they go into the repository and it is not for general usage at all. There could be the case that you need a feature that is only available from testing in very rare cases.


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