A tiny frog house

What started out as a simple project by a man named Dazza — when he noticed a frog living in his fence — turned into a lengthy process with multiple revisions. Thousands upon thousands chimed in with ideas for how to build the slimy creature an ideal home.




I approve of this. What a nice thing to do!

That’s a White’s tree frog, btw. They are native to Australia, but common in the rest of the world since they possess all of the qualities of a great amphibian pet: they are relatively easy to take care for (compared to other amphibians, they are not very demanding) and live long (up to 20 years, if well cared for), they don’t mind the presence of humans, they are active during the day (good at climbing, too), and look adorable:

I wouldn’t release them into the wilderness outside Australia, though.


that is really very cool. very nice also how the project develops more and more


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I love froggies! :frog:

Here’s Ferdinand: he lives near my house.

And here is his neighbor Marty!


Only criticism i have for this project is 3d print part…All that plastic garbage, FROGGES and possums deserve better, healthier materials :frog:


Yeah, plastic can be soluble in water and can decompose to toxic chemicals (some which are water soluble) when exposed to UV light. So one should be careful with that. Acrylic, HDPE and PET should be fine for this usage. ABS which is commonly used in 3D printing should also be fine, but there are so many types of it, it’s always difficult to tell.

In any case, one should do some research. But this is not only true for plastics, some wood species, for example, can also be quite bad.

Glazed ceramics, glass, stone and properly cured concrete are great for frog habitats. As long as it does not leak disgusting stuff into water, it’s fine.


Now that would be a royal palace for FROGGES :frog: