A section of personal newspapers

Have you never considered the option that a section dedicated to people will publish your day-to-day, well reflecting your hobbies or any activity you do with your GNU / Linux?

I like to run several times a week, I could put here as my workouts were. Another will like to fish, hunt butterflies or navigate in your boat. Or I could simply be writing here as is your experience with Endeavouros on a day-to-day basis.

If we are able to give states in time, interesting things could come out of there.

And if you already have talked about the subject and it was not accepted, nothing. We forgot it.

First of all, let me just say that all of this is just my personal opinion.

Second, I would say that I think something is partially being being “lost in translation” here so maybe I am not understanding what you are proposing and if I miss the point, I apologize in advance.

If you are talking about posting about your hobbies and sharing your experiences, I think that would be pretty cool and what the pub is here for. As an example, creating a topics like “Anyone else interested in fitness?” or “Here is a cool thing I learned about Linux today” would be fun discussions for many people.

On the other hand, if you mean creating personal “blogs” to share whatever is happening at that moment or on that day, I think that would be less interesting. It seems like that is more appropriate for a social media site.


The theme of translations is something that continually seems to stop me by relating to people in another language other than Spanish or Galician.
It makes me rethink if it really is worth moving forward.

I do not dominate, nor from afar, the English language, and it does not make me or how to continually use Google’s translator for everything.
Continuously come out expressions that I did not want to say or do not understand what I’m really trying to express.
It is very frustrating, really.

Not to mention the fact that, in this way, one never gets away from Google’s claws.

In this particular case, the idea would be that there were some publications, it could be worth this same section of “pub”, or create a specific, called “daily” or something, in which people were telling their day to day about any topic That usually happens to him regularly.

But not in scattered and without order threads, but would be created with time publications under the same initial title.

For example, I could create a post entitled: “Diario de Juan Bellas”, and always under that initial post go by moving my day to day in any topic, which could well be my workouts to run or enter other issues that did not have a relationship ( I do not run every day) as any experience that happens to me with Endeavouros, for example.

That he would not have to be every day either. We already know that the occupations of the people are many.

On the other hand this is a forum that revolves around Endeavouros, but I understand that the theme could be free, without having a direct relationship with the system.

I do not talk about the creation of personal blogs. They would be simple publications under the same initial title that, after a brief presentation, with the passage of time, could have an interesting vision of the things of each one, see how we were evolving in any subject.

I do not know if I now explained better or I greased the subject even more … :frowning:

You could try: DeepL Translate and see if you like it.

Thank you for the information.
I will try it, although it does not have Galician translation, and sometimes I need to translate texts in English, or another language into Galician.

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Technology and language are difficult. I’ve tried so many times. You just seem stupid. I also don’t have English as my first language.

In fact I am re-reading the translation of the initial title of this post and it talks about “personal newspapers”, when at no time the idea is to make a “newspaper”.

What a mess …, my goodness!.
Rereading the Spanish translation if it says what I mean… but not in English…
It would be better not to confuse things any more.
I am not confident that I am expressing what I really mean, and I am a person who always tries to give an explanation of things.
It’s very discouraging, really. :frowning:

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@JuanBellas, what you describe is a personal blog. I agree with Dalto’s answer, regarding the scope of this forum. Having a thread “Diario de Juan Bellas”, and another one “nate’s stories” and such a thread for everyone on this forum who wants to have a thread would not be in keeping with the scope of this forum. What you need is your own blog hosted at a domain of your own, or a social platform, like Facebook.

It is important that the number of off-topic discussions (off-topic meaning non-EOS related) remains below the on-topic posts. Otherwise the support and information functions of the forum tend to get a back-seat, and moderation efforts would be stretched thin for something that has no connection to the forum’s intended purposes.

I feel that I am not being able to show what I really wanted to say with this proposal, if what you understand as a solution goes through the creation of a personal blog hosted elsewhere.

The thing is much simpler, but I see that language will always be an insurmountable barrier.

It is better to leave it before it is born.

Happy afternoon (here it is 5:58 p.m.)

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I don’t think everyone understands how difficult it can be to post a post in another language. Getting all the technical bits is not easy all the time.

I’m suffering with you :smiley:


Well languages are a mess, i speak javascript :laughing:

Maybe you can write your idea in spanish exactly as you want it, and then some other user will translate it from spanish, that’s what community here is for :wink:


I speak EndeavourOS. :rofl:

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