A little joke on a regular day


Red six on the black seven

What does it mean?!

And why does the channel have only 3 videos from 6 years ago.


But what happened to part B in partition 3?!

You can’t leave us hanging like this man!

I forgot to write there.

As you might had deduced that, I tried to do some class 11th-12th physics stuffs there, hence the only important branch which is not there is TD and magnetism.

There I drew gas distribution in two containers, demonstrating mixing of gases. From magnetism, I made cyclotron.

Also, I was only awarded participation prize, which included a Dairy Milk !!
:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue: :partying_face:

Microsoft will do something that does not suck only when they do vacuum cleaners!


You know, I have no idea. I don’t see the thread. Perhaps I typed something here thinking I was elsewhere? It sounds like Roulette.

no, internet** connected vacuum cleaners! Internet connected microwaves, and internet connected appliances! WOW SO KOOL! /s

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M$ doesn’t need internet connection. It sucks online and offline.
Even if it is not connected to the internet it still sucks :rofl:
The M$ vacuum cleaner will not suck as it is supposed to (as usual)
And if I moved to a new home I will have to buy another license to use the same vacuum cleaner (that I already bought) at my new home


Who knows! Maybe it will be the best vacuum cleaner ever as it will suck like no other!

Van Gogh cut off his right ear. So he could only make use of yellow and white plugs.
Other than that the joke is good!

It is a warning.
It simply tells you it is time you should now shoot yourself in the head!
Go ahead, do it, don’t cause damage to your car!



yeah… i know what i did :joy:




No… NO!

  • The MicroSux 10 Home edition self-throttles at 80% suction and disables the beater bar unless you upgrade to MicroSux 10 Pro.

  • MicroSux 10 Home requires you to create a MicroSux account before you can vacuum. MicroSux 10 Pro will let you vacuum without creating an account after you decline account creation 4 or 5 times.

  • MicroSux 11 requires a trusted HEPA filter, account creation, a webcam, and a microphone. Bits of tape can secure the webcam and mic hole. Many aftermarket firmwares are available to block the telemetry (times/dates that you vacuum, type & quantity of dirt collected, carpet pile & color, webcam shots of your home interior, etc.) Unfortunately if your Wi-Fi fails, the MicroSux stops until it can reconnect to your account.

  • If you have 15 minutes to get your vacuuming done, MicroSux will stubbornly rufuse to suck for 20 minutes while it updates.


My experience it refused even while not connected to the internet (the dial up modem days)

And then it forces you for an update and the spinning suction fan keeps on sucking and sucking endlessly…

A vacuum cleaner is pretty much the only product I wouldn’t want from suckless.org.