A little guide: An "EndeavourOS" Mate-based environment :)


I wanted to reproduce as closely as possible Xfce version of EndeavourOS but with Mate as a basis.

Here is the result, not a 100% perfect copy, but it better than nothing :wink:

And another screenshot:

First of all, install EndeavourOS! :laughing:

Install Mate using wiki: https://endeavouros.com/docs/pacman/how-to-install-desktop-environments-offline-install-users/

Logout and login into Mate. Let’s start morphing Mate!

Remove bottom panel and move top panel to the bottom.

Go to system menu / Preferences / Appearance. In Theme tab, select custom theme and modify it:

  • Ark darker for both controls and windows border
  • Arc icon in Icon

In Fonts, replace Sans Regular by Noto Sans Regular in each font setting, but not for Sans Bold.

For background, I added it from /usr/share/endeavouros/endeavouros-wallpaper.png

Time to add icons in bottom panel. Right click on bottom panel, add to panel and select applications launcher in this order:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Caja
  3. Mate-terminal
  4. System monitor

After this add a separator, and then a windows list and a workspace selector.

Right-click on workspace selector and in preferences, in “Show all workspaces” set 2 lines. Add a logout or a shutdown widget and move it on the right of the panel. You’ll have to unlock every single component before moving it into place.

Right-click on clock and preferences. In general, uncheck show date.

In order to show energy icon, go to System / Preferences / Hardware / Energy management, and in general tab, check “always show an Icon”

Last part in the bottom panel, the menu. I build from AUR mate-menu package. Remove menu and replace it by Mate-Menu. I tried to replace icon, but it needed a svg icon to work, so… I just changed the name of the menu. Right click on menu button / Preferences / General.

For panel transparency, set it to 45/50%, and select the first blue color in choose colour dialog box.

I removed xfce4, xfce4-goodies, galculator and file-roller. In startup applications, I added an entry for Kalu.

And here it is. Besides icon menu, this is not too bad! Hope you like it!


Hello @FredBezies I installed Mate this morning and had no issues. The only thing i couldn’t figure out how to do was change the icon theme. I downloaded Sardi to try but gave up after a while looking for the setting to change it.