A HUGE Percentage Of The Arch Repos Was Packaged By One Man!

A HUGE Percentage Of The Arch Repos Was Packaged By One Man!. This is not really good right.

In my view - definitely not good.


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can a package be maintained by more than one person

I think so, like if something happens to person or there’s a pause in activity it should be pickedup by other trusted user of Arch…But as you can imagine it would be a bit of a problem picking up THAT much packages :laughing:

Also at first i was not fan of putting that level of trust to someone living in totalitarian state, but since we’re living in :clown_face: :earth_africa: it doesn’t worry me that much anymore, it’s too late.





i thought so about totalitarian state. however some amazing people are born and contribute from such a state. so, i understand present situation is that only one user could maintain a package at a given point in time and is assigned to another only after it is unmaintained or something, i guess.

thanks for sharing the concern.

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Especially, when the OP’s message seems to be a major HOAX, equating package-maintenance with packaging…?

BTW, I just can’t stand listening to this guy on YT, he’s a major nuisance to me… :poop:

This Felix Yan (felixonmars) is in Wuhan, China. so obviously Arch had a part in creating COVID. And hey, all those packages obviously have backdoors installed.

Not really, felix is extremely active in development / contribution of many free & open-source projects also…I know him from my Manjaro Deepin times :sweat_smile: - he’s a machine.

But yeah here we mainly talk about packaging, which is still huge deal in such quantities :laughing:


Sarcasm: off

I believe 100% of everything stated in this thread.


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