A Dutch eye needed for the welcome app

@manuel and @FLVAL are coordinating to implement translations for the Welcome app and I’m a bit stuck in my effort to deliver the Dutch translations for it.

The buttons must remain the same size as in English, but the Dutch translation in my head is too wordy or sounds sometimes strange (Package manager - Pakket manager?!?)
And Mirror - Spiegels. that doesn’t sound right.
“Detect system issues”, I’m really wrestling to make that one short and correct in Dutch.

I’d like to have some input from the Dutch speaking members.

I’d say use language that seems natural to you. There may also be some official translations, and they might be good to use, or not…
Some words like Offline and Online may be kind of “reserved”, so they shouldn’t be translated, for now at least.

@bryan, don’t forget the Thread for it that could give some help :

And if possible complete the Basic Punctuation Rules depending the LANG that was helpfull for @manuel when a LANG has special signs as ES for exemple !

The Welcome Translate is not an easy exercise between understanding and compromising to remove words ! Bon courage with DE long words !

Detect system issues - bepaalde problemen detecteren ??
It does some ad hoc checks for some known potential issues…

Mirror - pakket server kopie ??

That’s the thing, in the computer world a lot of English words are also used in the Dutch translation, I mean in Dutch: Update is update, wallpaper is wallpaper and I’m pretty sure mirror is just mirror.

It almost makes me think if a Dutch translations is necessary.


Yes, but it’s too long, maybe bugs opzoeken… but that sounds a bit weird.

OK, it is better to talk to Dutch specialists. Google translator is not that good anyway. :wink:

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That’s the thing I want to avoid, sounding like a bad Google translator.


Even I could do a bad Google translation in Dutch. Or any other language. But that’s no good.
I experimented with those online translators like Google, Bing and others, and the result was mostly awkward.

I think 99% of the computer terms are directly adopted from English to Dutch, even the word issue has found its way into the day to day use in Dutch.
But maybe another Dutch fellow-country man/woman disagrees with me on this…

I guess all languages have their special features.

In my language, computer terminology is still rather new, and thus only the basic concepts have been translated. And now we are not that much talking about the basic concepts.

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I’m also not native but package management - Applicatie Beheer ?

Detect System Issues - Systeemproblemen identifeceren ?

my translation suck, tried to translate some line, it didnt sound nice for me…i thought .always dutch people dont mind english basicly, i thought :slight_smile:

And some words like mirror does not need to translated but i dont know how far the thing is set…

some english words are suffiecient some translated words i also dislike in dutch :slight_smile: mayby someone else that could better but on some sentence is for me to long i abonned a bit

https://www.deepl.com/translator is really better

Mirror is translated as Spiegel
click on the result Spiegel on the left to get a list of others proposals…

But for sure it will not replace a native German !

personally some translated dutch sound for me awfull :slight_smile: but lost mine file nvm… my dutch is also not so beautiful is not a need google translator or something else… and i hope someone can translate it nicely offcourse… better not to translate then a bad translation :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course!!

It’s too long for the button.

That’s the literal translation, I don’t think we use the word spiegel in computer terms only as of the thing you look into in the bathroom, when brushing your teeth or fix your tie.


Unlike in other countries, 99.9% of the Dutch can (felt) speak English. :slight_smile:

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Just like in Scandinavia they have mandatory classes very early.

As for download mirror… I don’t speak Dutch, but my GUESS it’s just “Mirror” (same word as in English, when talking about download mirrors) since “Download” has been Dutchified into “Downloaden”

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@manuel isn’t better to set welcome as a seporate as a project in endeavouros git not as in pkgbuild ? would also be cleaner to clone. ?

Might be, but our package building system needs every source to be in PKGBUILDS.