A Day in the Life of a Noob Distro-Hopper

A day in the life of a noob distro-hopper:

-Install a shiny, fascinating new distro because I saw it reviewed on DistroTube.

-Run as “root” because user accounts are for cowards.

-Immediately start customizing the desktop, wallpaper, window manager config, fonts, themes, icons, and colors.

-Install lots of obscure PPAs to gain access to software nobody ever heard of.

-Install conky and build the most glorious, full-color, half-screen display with global clocks & weather reports, full system monitor, and NYSE scrolling stock-ticker banner.

-Install lots of extra DEs because who’s happy with just one? Cinnamon, xfce, budgie, deepin, GNOME…they all deserve a place on my login window.

-Install compiz and fiddle with every setting…because I really need “wobbly windows” and that 3-D rotating cube thing.

-Build orphaned RealTek drivers from GitHub to support my $2 ebay WiFi dongle even though I know it’s a waste of time. Get mad when it doesn’t work.

-Import 20 new theme packs and play with them until my desktop resembles an acid trip in a tattoo parlor.

-Copy & paste bash scripts from archived internet chat forums–even though I don’t know what they mean–to try to fix all the things I’ve broken.

-Curse at the incomprehensible error messages that pop up like weeds when I try to update/upgrade.

-Flame the crappy distro on DistroWatch because it is so slow, buggy, and unstable.

-Join the forum so I can air my grievances directly to the incompetent devs. Get offended when they are rude to me.

-Wallow in frustration until finally xorg freezes solid rendering my mouse & keyboard inert.

-Wipe it out and do a clean install.

-Read the Wiki.


I suspect the only REALLY bad part was the PPAs… :grin: You could argue about the order of some of them - but they sound awfully familiar!


:rofl: great one


Nope. The bad part was that they forgot Plasma as an extra DE :sunglasses:

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Even worse: join the wrong forum. Since your distro has its basis on another distro you should join the forum of the basis.


Especially if you try to add PPAs to an Arch-based distro. :rofl:


I wonder whether I could develop a tool to do just that… automate the use of debtap to repackage debs, maybe through a libalpm hook… tie it into Pamac somehow… make it all available as a web-based installation page with searching and a one-click “Add PPA” button…


It was a joke :rofl:

Also, what is there of any value in the PPAs that already isn’t in the AUR? I haven’t used the Buntu ecosystem in quite a while, so I don’t really know.

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That just evil!!! 55555 :rofl:

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This one already solved, pretty sure we can adopt solution for Arch!


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all your problems were clearly made worse by running as root, no matter the cause of the rest of them, running as root makes them worse.

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i ALWAYS run as root! 'Cause i like to live on the edge! :rofl:


edges can and will cut you. just ask someone handling envelopes. papercuts are the worst!


That’s literally the worst browser ever. Why would you want to live there?


Me too