7zip-gui: Garbage character in 7zip archieve and can't extract

Any idea how to overcome this problem ?
7zip display garbage on this asian character file. Worst! i can’t even extract it.

Why don’t you try with ark?

Make sure you have p7zip package installed as well

That doesn’t look like a compressed archive. The extension is .docx. That would indicate it is a Microsoft word document. Libreoffice should open it but only if you have appropriate fonts installed.

If you don’t trust the source I wouldn’t open random files.


Oh ya… i also noticed it just a second ago…
the file sent to me thru web whats app was actually docx…
i clicked download the file and the default app that it suggested to open… i thought the file was in a zip archieve that the person sent to me.
It is a file from friend that i know, i know it is safe in this case. Thx

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If you know then then ok.