6900xt reviews are out!


Pro: cheaper than the 3090 with slightly less performance
Large Overclocking potential
Large undervolt potential
Standard GPU size
Standard 2 8pin connectors
16GB of RAM
Day one SAM support(AKA Resizable BAR)
Future improvements for performance via driver updates
Open source render engine and drivers
Lower average power consumption
Has 69 in the name(nice)

Not great Ray tracing performance
Cannot beat the 3090
Blender render results are poor. Opencl works grest but AMD Prorender for Blender results in low quality images.
Lower stock issues than nVidia’s 3000 series.
Higher peak power consumption

Edit: added info about blender performance



That is very weird. I hope it’s just the early-drivers issue

P.S. btw all this nice price from the start, then completely “out of stock” by the bots and then resell if way higher price…Looks like a giant scam from both Nvidia / AMD. Here’s something for them though :fu:


JayzTwoCents is giving a 3090…

I’ll wait for the Linux results. Amd almost always performs better on Linux.


Well, if your purchase decisions are driven by hatred for Nvidia, like it is the case with me, you don’t care whether this card performs better. I have simply decided not to buy another Nvidia card until they fully open-source their drivers. Nvidia cards do not exist for me.

Therefore, there is nothing to compare this card to. :frog:


Chances are better that hell freezes over. Maybe we’re lucky in another upcoming life. :rofl:

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath.

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