5.10 kernel plus lts kernel


Just another little tidbit for those who are using Btrfs.



This currently shows support until 2022: https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html

But probably they will later change the support to continue to 2026.

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Maybe that’s for the current kernel and when the lts is in place it will be till 2026?

Jeez…That’s exactly why i don’t use btrfs :upside_down_face:


Does anyone know what’s keeping 5.10 in testing?

I haven’t been following the situation too closely, but I think they’re waiting for a couple of upstream patches that will be in 5.10.3 (it’s at 5.10.2 right now).


I am using Btrfs at the moment. I might switch things up again in the New Year. Working good up till now. I have had 5.10 installed from testing repo. Phoronix tests are not what average user will experience so it doesn’t really have a bearing on my daily driver. I just put it out there for the real Btrfs experts which isn’t me. :laughing:


I guess it is simply so that they just marked 2022 for now and will change it to 2026. They’ve done similar markings for LTS before, and changed them later.

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I haven’t seen anything new about printer support. In my opinion, this support has always been a weak spot in GNU/Linux operating systems.

I wish one could just attach a printer to a USB port and have the printer be recognized and “just work” immediately and automatically.


That isn’t really anything you will see in kernel updates. Printer drivers aren’t in the kernel.

The latest news on the printer front is pappl.

5.10.3 has been released today


For example:




Thanks for the links, @jonathon! Let’s hope they’re resolved in the current build.

Strange … because i am running it on Solus and i also ran it on EndeavourOS from testing repo. Seemed to work fine on my Ryzen with AMD RX 590? No trouble booting.

Edit: The Solus install is running on an Older Intel with AMD Radeon HD 3870

Edit2: Sorry i forgot i was running it in v-box on my Ryzen with the AMD RX 590 so that doesn’t count! :wink:

I saw a few users over on the Solus forum reporting boot issues.

Looks like 5.10 is rolling up to .4 so fingers crossed

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I have Solux installed on an older MBR system and is working okay with 5.10.2

Just got the 5.10.3 kernel on Xfce

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i just noticed it on my end, is it all good to go? I’m nervous to install it lol? :grin: