2k gaming eso screenshot on the 144 hz monitor that will never see 144fps on my rx 570

Screenshot at 2021-05-19 19-34-13

I guess you’ll need to get the RX 6700 XT or higher.

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Do those things even actually exist? Surely this is some fantasy you are experiencing?

Some people seem to have gotten hold of them. I’m not really looking for one at the prices they want. I’ll stick with my RX 590. I don’t game and i don’t have a 4k monitor but look at the specs. Unfortunately you can’t even get these anymore and they were hard to get in the first place.

Edit: This card would work for you for 144 hz and it does 4k

Edit2: This is the exact card i have

My card does 4K video but like the 590 is really only suited for 1080p. But yah the 690 would still be a big performance upgrade but given the cost it’s not a huge return.

When i bought it it was a reasonable price and was the best they had at the time. But like i say I’m not a gamer so for me it’s really overkill. Just like my Nvidia GTX 1060.

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a rare occasion in the open world where i got more than 60 fps. in delves often above 100 is possible…

In most games while you look on the sky or floor it boosts FPS, because there are less tris to draw at the moment :upside_down_face:

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my rx570 can only do so much at 2k. ill take what i can get. i tried eso in 4k but got less than 20 fps

The specs say that your card supports 4K.

Well yes… outputting video or a desktop at 4K should be no problem…
Rendering 3D games at high framerates is something else altogether…

My RX 5600XT also ‘supports’ 4K… no change that I’ll have a playable experience though

Well your graphics card is quite a few steps up from my RX 590 which is about equal or slightly better than my GTX 1060 depending on circumstances.

I def get 4k60 video on a tv. Netflix looks amazing and YouTube gives amazing video also. My sling Android tv box defaults to 4k60 on a tv that will do 4K but it’s a potato otherwise.

I’m slowly upgrading my rig until the prices of video cards drops back into sane prices.


You’re a dreamer :rofl:

We’ll never see top tier GPUs and SSDs again…

Nvidia is making lowhash cards for 3060 3070 and 3080 but not 3090 in an attempt to get the miners on the highest end cards only. Who knows if it will help.

Unfortunately not. it already failed, like i’ve said before somewhere here - it’s super easy to hack drivers to allow mining again…That’s exactly what happened in 0 day of 3060 release :laughing:

These are hardware restricted. They just started producing them last week. This is different from the driver attempt you are talking about.

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Can you share some links please?

Yah one sec

And so intels card lineup may help also.

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