Zsh does not accept user password

For some strange issue my computer is not accepting my usual password in the terminal. I have no idea why. I’ve bypassed it by changing from zsh to bash and changing to su and using the same password. However I don’t wish to remain root all the time, it’s not good practice! Any help/solutions?

I have on two instances had my password no longer work after an update in the last couple of years (oddly enough both times on Cinnamon)

I just chrooted, ran passwd (I believe it’s hard to look on my phone). Gave it the user name, gave it the new password and rebooted and everything was good again for however many months until it happened again.

Yeah, never broken this in over 12 years of Linux. I’ll give it a go, thanks buddy. :grin:

Job done without chrooting, su just accepted it. Lots of pain avoided and I’m still listening to tunes without rebooting, hurrah! I had a usb with Puppy ready to go. It does make you realize what a security risk is if someone was to get hold of your machine if unencrypted. It’s a desktop though, over my dead body first!

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For what it’s worth, with any Windows iso,I can change the password and get into any Win10 or older computer in only a few minutes also.

Security eh? I think many of us use the same password for root and user. A lesson here to be learned perhaps? Guilty as charged!

Then exit when done? :man_shrugging:

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Yep for sure. I did that straightaway. Why it didn’t occur to me within seconds I don’t kmow, it’s basic unix logic, but job done! :laughing:

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