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I am having a issue where I am not able to copy paste. I have tried the suggested edit to the config file from the FAQ. I am unsure if this did not work because the clipboard used in i3 is different. Any help in getting the copy paste to work is welcome.


Have you installed a custom clipboard manager?

Copy paste in Zellij works here. Pasting into terminal is the usual ctrl+shift+v. Copying needs me to select text via mouse and its automatically on clipboard.

PS. Which terminal emulator are you using? I’m on alacritty and didn’t require the extra config in their FAQ.


No I dont have custom clipboard manager. I have seen that pasting works using the shortcut you mentioned. However, I can not copy from zellij selecting with the mouse.

I use xfce terminal.


When you select with the mouse, similar to pasting, you also need to press Shift.


You could also change the shortcut, though I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Lastly, when something is selected with the mouse, another option is to middle-click. This should paste the currently selected text, and if nothing is selected, it should paste the most recent item in your clipboard.


Thanks for the help I have the paste working fine. The copy in xfce terminal without zellij open works but with zellij open it does nothing.


Are you sure this isn’t a zellij problem, then? Maybe the copy shortcut is different when you launch it. Have you read their documentation?

From their website: https://zellij.dev/documentation/faq

Copy / Paste isn’t working, how can I fix this?

Some terminals don’t support the the OSC 52 signal, which is the method Zellij uses by default to copy text to the clipboard. To get around this, you can either switch to a supported terminal (eg. Alacritty or xterm) or configure Zellij to use an external utility when copy pasting (eg. xclip, wl-copy or pbcopy).

To do the latter, add one of the following to your Zellij Config:

copy_command: "xclip -selection clipboard" # x11
copy_command: "wl-copy"                    # wayland
copy_command: "pbcopy"                     # osx

Note that the only method that works when connecting to a remote Zellij session (eg. through SSH) is OSC 52. If you require this functionality, please consider using a terminal that supports it.

I have seen this but it didn’t make sense since the paste seems to work ok.

Notice it says, “Copy / Paste” and not “Copy & Paste”.

So, follow the instructions in the doc for using another terminal, or use one of their supported terminals, and things will work as expected.

I just changed to alacrity and it works.

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