ZaReason is Dead

For those of you, like me, who own ZaReason computers:

ZaReason is Dead

And this just at the time when my wife and I are having trouble with three (3) of our ZaReason computers (we own five of them; the other two do not have anything wrong with them).

All of our ZaReason computers have three-year warranties which are now worthless.

Later on I may ask on this forum about one of the major problems we are having. Whether anyone will be able to help us is problematic because the problem is quite odd and is probably quite unique.

But this is certainly very bad news for ZaReason computer owners. I’m sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.



oh no

Sorry to hear this has happened. Hopefully you’ll get some good life out of these machines. Personally i am looking at HP because i do not want a laptop with Intel or Hybrid Graphics. I am looking at Ryzen processor with AMD Graphics. Very difficult to get one of these right now as supply is tight.

Edit: I can get the business model which is a pro book but is double the price because it is an Aluminum chassis etc etc and Windows 10 pro.

That is sad news to me. I bought a ZaReason laptop several years ago, and it worked well. I did not keep it long, because I needed something with more storage space. At the time, I thought it was a good alternative to System76.

Here’s what I found locally:
You can open this page in Chromium and click Translate to English.
The price 800 euros includes VAT 24%, without VAT it is 645 euros.
It has a smaller SSD but otherwise rather similar to what you linked.

I just put this here to have some comparison of what we have at different locations.

Looks like the same pretty well. They are tough to get here. Supply is limited. I have also looked at a Lenovo but prices are just too high. I want either the Ryzen 4650 pro because it is 6 core 12 thread as opposed to the Ryzen 4500u which is 6 core 6 thread. Or i want the 4700u 8 core 16 thread or the 4750 pro. But they start to get expensive. The pro models mostly come in a business laptop version so always more money. The reason i want the Ryzen is because i don’t want Intel graphics or Hybrid Graphics with Nvidia. Right now i’m just looking as i have no need. Just interested. Well see. :thinking:

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That’s the reason I went with an ThinkPad E495 1 year ago :wink: Ryzen 3500U and no Intel stuff in. And I always liked the ThinkPad look, although it changed quite a bit since my first contact with one (old 486 IBM ThinkPad that was)

Edit: I expect the prices to still rise for quite some time now because AMD is now also recognised as the best option by more and more non-tech people.

Just a small correction, 4700u is 8 core 8 thread. 4800u is 8 core 16 thread. This is the reason I went with a Thinkpad T14, I couldn’t find anything using a 4800u (in this country) and the price on the T14 w/ 4750u (8 core 16 thread) wasn’t drastically more than (good) 4700u machines.

Yes … i stand corrected the 4750 is probably 8 core 16 thread! I like the T14 with 4750 but it is on the expensive side. $1700 + tax for 16 GB ram and 512 GB Drive.

Ouch, I paid a bit over $1100 for mine with 16GB and 256 (400 nit & backlit keyboard), but I had a 1TB setting on my kitchen table wanting somewhere to go…

That is directly from Lenovo Canada. I’m just pricing it with specs but i may find it somewhere cheaper but usually you don’t get what you want only what they have.

Yeah, I custom ordered my T14 direct from Lenovo to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Figured if I’m spending over $1k, I’m gonna make sure it’s what I REALLY want.

System76 has an amd based laptop now called “pangolin” .

They need to make some nice portable laptops (I’m NOT a fan of anything above 14") w/ Ryzen mobiles now.

It is 3.5lbs but not terribly heavy…

Pangolin 15"

  • Up to 8-Core AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U CPU
  • AMD Radeon™ Graphics
  • Up to 64GB memory
  • Up to 8TB NVMe storage
  • 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) base weight

Way toooooo big for my tastes. I gave Razer a shot w/ the Blade 15. About the same size and weight, never even left my house (until selling it 2 months after buying it), too big.