Youtube dropping frames but only when NOT in fullscreen

So I’ve noticed a strange behavior when watching content on YouTube that I drop frames but only when I’m not in fullscreen.

First of all I’ll post my specs before continuing: I’m on an i9-12900K & Nvidia RTX 3080
Running EndeavourOS with Kernel: 6.4.3-zen1-2-zen on Wayland
KDE Plasma version: 5.27.6,
KDE Frameworks 5.108.0,
Qt Version 5.15.10
Nvidia Drivers: nvidia-dkms 535.54.03-1 with nvidia-utils 535.54.03-1
Google Chrome 114.0.5735.198 (google-chrome-stable)


I chose to use wayland because I’m running a 144hz ultra-wide monitor and sadly on X11 I couldn’t get the desktop (mouse/applications) to be rendered at 144 fps

So back to the issue:
Youtube videos are very stuttery and “stats for nerds” actually show Dropped Frames when watching windowed. But all of the issues disappear the moment video is full-screened.

When searching in forums what usually pops up is the opposite, that full screen video tears, lags etc and I couldn’t find an example already posted somewhere where it only lags in window mode.

I’ve looked into this yesterday and couple of suggestions were to install pipewire-media-session to overwrite wireplumber as that usually caused issues on Wayland, but to no avail…

I truly apologise if this was posted already but I personally couldn’t find anything that would match my issue completely.

I don’t know if it might help but gaming (counter-strike: source or global offensive) runs fine. In windowed mode I get uncapped fps and in full-screen I get vsynce’d to 144fps (But I read on Nvidia forums that this will get fixed with next major driver release)


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Did you ever find a fix?