Youtube blank home page at home and at work today

I just see this “Try searching to get started
Start watching videos to help us build a feed of videos you’ll love.”

holy sh%t I thought, a prayer has been answered and they forgot about me.
no such luck:

" YouTube…is showing a blank page for users who haven’t logged in to their Google accounts. Until now, the YouTube home page was often filled with video recommendations based on the user’s local history.

If you log out from your main browser, use a browser where you haven’t logged in to YouTube or use Incognito mode, the website will show a message saying “Try searching to get started. Start watching videos to help us build a feed of videos you’ll love” as can be seen in the image below.

First spotted by Bleeping Computer, it is still unclear if and when YouTube made the change. The report also claims that YouTube did not show any recommendations on different computers and some users who were logged in and cleared their search and watch history were also getting the same message."

I don’t have an account…what are these sneaky bas****s up to, you think?

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I noticed it myself about a week or so ago. Was a pleasant surprise.

Probably just trying to get people to log in. That is, people who want recommendations and to see what’s trending.


that’s sure what I thought, on the surface too. But I have no account and could care less what’s trending. trying to get me to sign up? poor social engineering attempt on a person like me…
…that’s why I think something else is going on.
I mean they just don’t purge our IP address histories…that’s their currency. But they are pretending they did…

something is not what it seems here.


Key point. A person like you. Sometimes things are as simple as they seem, though they are often not. But this tactic would actually work on the masses.

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on occasion they know me scary good with the stuff they sneak into the lineups. stuff I never broadcast like an obsure tv show I used to like but never tried to play, or talk online to anybody about. but they also misfire with their videos and ads, badly, which makes me think I’m doing something right.

still, things afoot as bill or ted said.
edit/clarity. i hope

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Always true with Google.


I’m with @drunkenvicar here, but also accept that I’m a bit of an odd duck. That’s why I use Newpipe on my mobile, you can disable trending and recommendations. I’d used Freetube for several years, until I learned that it was Electron based… I normally just open it in a private window or container anyway. but understand that’s not what normies do.

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Same, except the stop using Freetube and opening YT in a container parts.

Yes, when I use any g00g13 service, I’m logged out and they automatically open in containers, but I don’t actively try to use them.

And for YT, I like having a list of specific channels I see over and over again, so that’s why I continue to use Freetube. I don’t want any recommendations apart from the ones that show beside/below the video I click on. Even for these, I usually don’t click them either.

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That is a very good point. I have the channels I like as well and that is something I miss about freetube. I have a folder of bookmarks in FF, but it’s a bit of a faff to click through each one looking for recent posts.

I’m waiting for more RAM to arrive, once I get that installed I suppose I might reconsider using it again. I think 128gb might be able to handle one electron app running… :laughing::man_facepalming:t2:

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I’ve got 16Gb RAM with 6Gb VRAM, and it works just fine even with 3 browser profile windows (aka 3 browsers), jdownloader, dolphin, nemo and steam running. All on a 5-year-old laptop.

You exaggerating real bad lol

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That’s impressive!

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I use dolphin as a media manager so it actually has a minimum of 8 tabs open all the time with pics, vids, and other files loaded with thumbnails. So, yeah, you’re definitely exaggerating on how bad electron is. LOL

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