YouTube asks me to turn off the ad blocker

Since yesterday I can no longer watch YouTube videos because YouTube requires me to turn off my ad blocker (uBlock Origin). But I don’t want to turn off uBlock Origin. I would be interested to know what solutions there are to circumvent this advertising dictatorship, how did you solve it?

Of course i could just pay the 5.99 or 11.99 euros for an ad-free account, but if I had to pay for every service then I would have a long bill.

Of course there are pros and cons in this story. I would be interested in your opinion on this.

If I violate any guidelines with this thread, I’m sorry. it’s such a gray area.


One more thing, I’ve never seen an advertisement on the internet and thought to myself that’s great, I need that, which is why advertising is actually pointless for me. That’s why it’s a waste of time for me. Did you hear that? YouTube, turn off the ad blocking algorithm. :grin:

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I hit this a few weeks ago here in the States; not just from UBlock, also from StartPage Privacy and Vivaldi’s default blocking. In my case, when I didn’t unblock for a while, I was banned from watching any video. For now I’ve unblocked - yes, the ads are annoying, but I haven’t found a reasonable alternative (no, I’m not going to download every flipping video I want to watch).

I can only wonder if paying for ad-free content means more/less/same revenue for Google vs. the video producers.


I watch videos with advertisements on my smartphone and I found it annoying that advertisements sometimes ran for 2 minutes. Compared to the website loading times of the 90s, that’s fast, but nowadays we’re used to everything being available after a few seconds, so 2 minutes is an eternity.

Usually after 5 seconds or so you can skip the videos; I can do this on the website or via the Android app.

Yes, for me too, but sometimes there are advertisements that you can’t skip, you have to watch them until the end.

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Can’t say that it’s happened to me yet, or if it did it was after the video was over so I didn’t care.

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Use an invidious instance or a yt downloader


Thx, i’ll try it out.


I started using a different browser and NOT logging in to my YouTube account. And I’m STILL using uBlock Origin. It’s working.

EDIT: Plus, on my Android tablet, I use ReVanced Extended, and it is working just fine.

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Firefox user here. I use AdBlocker Ultimate. It has a feature allowing you to select elements on screen and declare them as ads. It remembers this and hides them from then on. So I select the popup complaining about adblocker and I can continue my viewing experience unhindered. Make sure to click preview, so that you don’t hide something else by mistake.

This adblocker also hides YouTube video ads. No to mention it’s a pretty good adblocker overall. Using it for more than 5 years now.

Ublock origin has the same feature.


I was steering away from mainstream blockers because of the more and more encountered business model of having an inbuilt whitelist in exchange for money from ad creators.

“THE” mainstream adblock plugin for firefox has always been FOSS - ublock origin.


Or use this:

However, only for Android devices, for the PC I have not found anything yet.


I used to use FreeTube with an Invidious instance.

I have now switched to Piped:

I also just read about this new extension that doesn’t really block ads but skips them :wink:

This blocker is designed to monitor advertisements, automatically seek the ads and skip them. It’s important to note that this doesn’t classify as traditional ad blocking, as the ad content is technically “loaded”.

Nevertheless, the extension’s underlying logic enables it to fast-forward through the ad content to its conclusion. The entire process is optimized to occur within an extremely brief timeframe, typically <=100 milliseconds, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.


I use FF + uBlock (with all Filterlists) , Enhancer for Youtube and Canvas Blocker.
OK, signed in Google Account.

Same with Librewolf , Thorium and Mercury.

So far , no Problems


Have you tried streaming them with mpv url ?


Been using this for the last 6 months or so and it works at least 95 % of the times.


I’m using ReVanced Extended successfully.


Just did…and it works great! Thanks for the tip.

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