Your thoughts on bcache file system?

There was a bit of chatter a few years ago about bcache
and then it just stopped. Is this a viable file system?

Bcachefs is not in the upstream Kernel yet but the linux-bcachefs-gitAUR kernel can be installed from the AUR. – Source: Arch Wiki

Really just depends on a users needs. I have just one machine with an external backup SSD, so my use case is rather simple to figure out: Ext, Btrfs, or Xfs are well supported on Arch. Other users however, might have a more complex setup and require something that’s powerful yet flexible. But as for myself, if it’s not part of the kernel, I generally won’t really consider using it since I don’t want to unintentionally break something I may not fully understand.

Also see Arch Wiki: Filesystems :


Nice article about bcachefs:


It is way too young for me. Filesystems take time to mature and be proven reliable and stable.


Yeah, that’s what I say for anything younger than ext4 :laughing: