Your performance problem is not baloo

If you use plasma 6 baloo was beaten into submission by throttling I/O, CPU and max RAM usage.

Until someone comes in with a specific baloo issue can we please stop guessuggesting removing baloo on every performance question?

Let’s give some examples:

When I jiggle the thingy the snappersnatch feels sluggish!

Should you suggest removing baloo? - No!

I accidentally dropped a cup of tea over my laptop, now I experience some stutter!

Should you suggest removing baloo? - No!

I started htop and baloo eats 5000% of my CPU, what can I do?

Should you suggest removing baloo? - Yes, we can consider looking into that.

Baloo is not the answer to every random performance issue - at least not anymore.


you would actually have to witness the exact word Baloo, used in your own system monitor, near the top of the screen, sucking the max mem/ram lifeforce from your distro then I’d say you’d have a case casting the first stone…
…I’ve witnessed this in every non-KDE DE I’ve tried Dolphin in where the mouse could barely move and the clock eerily counts down in large chunks and everything freezes to a crawl . Baloo is not blamed all helter skelter, imo, I’ve seen it.

maybe the app was a fish out of water or not friendly with my old rig, who knows. If sys monitor shows it, I’m inclined to believe it.

your point is it’s not to blame for all performance issues and I agree 100%,

Honestly should still remove baloo


I’m afraid I can’t do that. :frog:

Even on the off chance you’re right, and they’ve miraculously made Baloo not be a resource hog it always was, I would still suggest turning it off: it’s useless, potentially privacy invading, and there are far better ways to search for files.


I agree with the OP. I had the btrfs issue with baloo (never ending ever growing index): now that it is solved and now that I have specified some excluded folders (large datasets, software installed in /home, also Vaults for security reason), the index has been built fairly fast (perhaps an hour), and there is nothing to complain about anymore.

By default baloo index the content of files. But If you are like me and only need filename indexing. You can add in the config ~/.config/baloofilerc

only basic indexing=true

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