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Hello everyone.

When I first installed endeavourOS on a vm I thought I would play around with it and do a slow transition since im very new to linux, less than a week later im dual booting and hate when I have to boot up windows lol.
Im very new to linux and of course heeded no advice whatsoever about starter distros, since im intend on becoming as familiar with the terminal as possible + my never dying problem solver mentality.

With that said ive found a lot of problems that I can pester those more knowledgeable than me about since im still relatively new to this journey, that im very happy I chose EndeavourOS to be.


Welcome to team purple! :enos:

Took me 6 weeks after installing Linux to delete windows back in 2020.

Welcome to the forum and the purple side of life!

Welcome to the forum @Maddieh :enos_flag: :enos: :partying_face:

Welcome :grin: good choice :+1:

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

You’ve got the right spirit! And impressive that you got the dual boot working after such a short period of using linux. :+1:

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you encounter problems. Likely you have already seen the knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere here.

Welcome @Maddieh

Welcome @Maddieh :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:


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luckily with the steamdeck a lot of really easy to use documentation has become available on how to give perms and stuff to the system on NTFS drives.
Tho I actually made a brainfart yesterday because I forgot that programs really dont like sentences with more than one word lol, my HDD is called “new volume” and of course I forgot an underscore, so I rebooted and got booted straight into safemode with only a terminal and getting refused access to the GUI part until it was solved, luckily I already knew what the problem was (tho I could kinda guess because of the error it gave me) so I quickly learned how to open fstab with nano, edit the missing underscore in, reboot and I was good to go!

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Welcome and good luck on your linux endeavour!

Nice troubleshooting!
And yeah, spaces in names can cause issues. That’s why the easy way is not to use them in places where various programs will interpret them. :wink: