Yet another awful yay-pacman command question

OK-after asking a lot of questions and reading a lot of threads I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of users do daily/weekly updates with -Syu.

And just as many advocate for the simple yay.

What’s the difference between yay all by itself and yay -Syu or pacman -Syu (barring the AUR part)?
one just has the edge of being more comprehensive?
watching the terminal update output I’m not seeing any discernible (caveat: I don’t have a trained eye) differences between methods.

Graci for any flashilght…

“yay” all by itself is the same as “yay -Syu”.


You answered your own question — albeit with a question. See here:

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I read it all and didn’t see the answer; -Syu was not even on the page. I know the wrapper (yay) does the AUR duties and acknowledged that…unless you are referring to that chart where yay is clearly the more comprehensive wrapper than the list of alternative Arch wrappers (paku, paru, etc)–ah now it’s clearer. they all have limitations in that table vs. yay which is interesting…

…now I’m following. you may also be saying pacman itself does not file review/diff view//git clone/parser/solver/package splitter like yay (?).

pacman doesn’t do anything with the AUR. It has no support for it all.

yay/paru are pacman wrappers. They call pacman to install/update/remove packages but then they also support an extended set of tools for working with AUR packages.


I made it clear I knew that, twice, in order to appear unfoolish but I must not be doing myself any favors here :grinning:.
I just wondered if the series of checks they did were the same: mirrors, update repos, etc were generally the same after hinting enter?

I was foolish for not seeing the distinction in pacman wrappers-- I did think that chart was showing AUR wrappers-- now what you say makes a crapload more sense, thank you.

The only difference is that the AUR wrappers are also doing additional steps over what pacman does. They also sometimes have additional features not related to the AUR such as the ability to display the packages differently for review.

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thank you

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