Yearly avatar change

Well - I have to try THAT out! Whether it stays once the hockey season starts - can’t promise yet!

Thanks for the ‘original eos’ look!

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Do I dare image



The Matrix has you!

Haha, I was just about to upload the Jedi avatar! :laughing:

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Here’s a couple of other alternatives…
and my other team…
and the natural look…

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Gandalf could’ve used some of that kit before attempting the pass of Caradhras!

Maybe - but it weighs a fair bit… makes it harder to hang onto bridges and such. Weighs even more if you’ve been sweating!

Fair point, Khazad-Dum in front of a Balrog might bring on a bit of a sweat! :sweat_drops:

what about this one?


edit: I lived in Montreal a couple of years ago, and also played a bit of hockey for fun!

Shouldn’t that be “Le Tux”? :wink:

It probably should be, but tuxes differ!


Vive la difference! :canada: :fr: :grin:

Been to Toronto twice, loved it. Montreal once but was v.busy working so didn’t have time to explore, maybe one day.

Well worth a look - and even more worth a visit to Crescent St for a brew (or whatever) and a view… :grin:


3 brasseurs!

Is that a bar/pub? If so I’ll put it on the hit list. As long it’s not some corporate chain thing then it has to be worth exploring :grin:

Nah - it’s a street name - with lots of non-corporate places to check out. I always liked the ‘basement’ ones - with open patios below street level!

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Yeah got the Crescent Street vibe, I meant to reply to @Zircon34 about 3 brasseurs. My bad! :blush:

3 brasseurs had some decent beer and pizza pies even though could be considered kind of chain!? But not like in the US. I tried all the bars, beers and sandwiches in Montreal, but obviously forgot all the names.

Does that mean they were good? :grin:


Well yeah, if you tried ALL the bars then your memory would be a little hazy, but well played for your Endeavour! :wink:

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