Yay -S pamac-all returns an error

I’m trying to install pamac-all because I want flatpak support. Attempting to run yay -S pamac-all returns an error:

ERROR: Dependency “snapd-glib” not found, tried pkgconfig and cmake

However, when I do yay snapd-glib, it says that snapd-glib is installed.

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There are also other pamac versions that include flatpak support, like

  • pamac-nosnap
  • pamac-flatpak

I don’t use any pamac, so I don’t know if they work.

Check also command:

yay -Ss pamac flatpak

or this page:

yay -S pamac-flatpak

This worked! Thank you.

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If having a GUI package manager is not important to you, you could manage flatpaks (search, install, remove, repair, etc) from the command line.

See: man flatpak and/or flatpak --help


searching for an application for playing podcasts:

$ flatpak search podcast 
Name          Description                                              Application ID                Version     Branch Remotes
Podcasts      Listen to your favorite shows                            org.gnome.Podcasts            0.5.1       stable flathub
Kasts         Podcast application                                      org.kde.kasts                 22.06       stable flathub
Leopod        Organize and listen to your podcasts!                    com.github.leggettc18.leopod  1.1.1       stable appcenter
Rhythmbox     Play and organize your music collection                  org.gnome.Rhythmbox3          3.4.6       stable flathub
Liferea       RSS feed reader                                          net.sourceforge.liferea       1.13.9      stable flathub
Tauon Music … Play your music with style                               com.github.taiko2k.tauonmb    7.4.2       stable flathub
Pocket Casts  Online podcast player                                    tech.feliciano.pocket-casts   0.5.0       stable flathub
gPodder       Media aggregator and podcast client                      org.gpodder.gpodder           3.11.0      stable flathub
gPodder-adap… Media aggregator and podcast client for mobile and desk… org.gpodder.gpodder-adaptive  3.11.0+1    stable flathub
CPod          A simple, beautiful podcast app                          com.github.z.Cumulonimbus     1.28.0      stable flathub
Vocal         A Great Podcast Client for the Modern Free Desktop       …github.needleandthread.vocal 2.4.2       stable flathub
Kodi          The ultimate entertainment center                        tv.kodi.Kodi                  19.4-Matrix stable flathub

Installing vocal:

$ flatpak install com.github.needleandthread.vocal 
Looking for matches…

Info: applications using this runtime:

com.github.needleandthread.vocal permissions:
    ipc     network     fallback-x11     pulseaudio     wayland     x11     dri     file access [1]     dbus access [2]

    [1] xdg-data/vocal:create, xdg-run/gvfsd
    [2] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.freedesktop.secrets, org.gnome.SessionManager, org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.MediaKeys, org.gtk.vfs.*, org.mate.SettingsDaemon, org.xfce.SessionManager

        ID                                                 Branch            Op            Remote             Download
 1.     com.github.needleandthread.vocal.Locale            stable            i             flathub            < 282.9 kB (partial)
 2.     com.github.needleandthread.vocal                   stable            i             flathub             < 20.5 MB

Proceed with these changes to the system installation? [Y/n]:

and so on …

Thanks! I’m certain this’ll be useful knowledge to have.

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