Yay -S aur/ffmpeg-git , choose codecs configuration

ffmpeg has a lot of dependencies.
Can you choose which codecs you want to compile in or not ?
ffmeg.config = “I want these codecs”
or a curses window which allow to choose ?
Cfr. gentoo “use flags” or freebsd “make config”.

[I had a wrong title i meaned aur ]

The optional dependencies of ffmpeg are:

  • avisynthplus: AviSynthPlus support
  • intel-media-sdk: Intel QuickSync support
  • ladspa: LADSPA filters
  • nvidia-utils: Nvidia NVDEC/NVENC support

You can choose to install these manually, if you need those features. All other dependencies are not optional and will be automatically installed when you install ffmpeg.

Since ffmpeg is in the repos, you do not compile it when you install it, your package manager (pacman) downloads a binary package which was built by the Arch devs.

EDIT: since the question of this topic has been edited by the OP, this answer is no longer applicable. At first it was a question about the ffmpeg in the repos, now it is about ffmpeg-git, from the AUR. I’m out of here, before I waste any more time answering a question which may be sneakily changed again. :man_shrugging:

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Just disable or enable whichever codecs you want to compile (keeping in mind you may alter the library dependencies when doing so).

Here is the pkgbuild file.
What is the easy-ist way to proceed ?
Is it git clone …
cd directory …
Edit PKGBUILD configure section , enable,disable
And run
makepkg -scCi
makepkg -csri
There is no AUR helper to simplify ?

If you pass the --editmenu option to yay it will give you the ability to edit the PKGBUILD inline

Alternatively, you could save into the config and you would always have that option. Personally, I have the diffmenu on all the time and only turn the editmenu on when I need it.

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I see,
yay -S --cleanmenu --diffmenu --editmenu --upgrademenu aur/ffmpeg-git
Gives me all the options I need.