Yay No Longer Works

Just lately (2,3 days) kalu refuses upgrades. The error message is as below:-

'failed to get packages list
'failed to prepare transaction could not satisfy dependencies
‘package kalu requires pacman <5.2’

The only way forward is to close off the process.

Have I missed something here?? How do I get kalu working again … and keep my endeavourOS up to date??

Many thanks


here is an excerpt from another topic:

`Our advice is to uninstall Kalu and perform the pacman and YAy update`

Since Kalu isn’t actively maintained anymore we decided two months ago to search for a replacement. @manuel created the update notifier and we planned this to release in the November release.

`Kalu can’t handle the new Pacman that hit the repo today. That’s why we released it earlier.`

So can I just run …

> $ sudo pacman -Rs kalu


> $ sudo pacman -Syu

to perform the update

Here is the link to the aforementioned topic;

Ta Pudge!!

I did as you suggested and collected 211Mb of updates!! These were all held up because the kalu script would no longer work. I wonder if in future the ‘techies’ could include a warning when software is about to be dropped. Kalu was convenient… but I can work around it if I am warned.


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I don’t mean to come off like a preacher in a pulpit giving a sermon, but…
Just use pacman. pacman is maintained by the Arch developers and they thoroughly test it before release. Because of that, pacman just works. From the Arch Linux AUR home page

 DISCLAIMER: AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk. 

It is the goal of the EndeavourOS developers to use as few AUR packages as possible in the ISO.

Try to avoid using the AUR. If you must use the AUR, learn how to use makepkg and PGKBUILDS to install AUR packages. You will never be left high and dry by a pacman/AUR helper.


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https://forum.endeavouros.com/c/anouncements was warning you on this :wink:
As kalu was not a package from Archrepo itself there was no official warning on archnews for it… so best is to read the news here and at Archlinux to be informed on stuff like this.

May we can add a feature to the newly created EndeavourOS-update-notifier @manuel just created for us.


Something like this is a great idea. We just need to figure out the best way to do that.
One possibility is to have a web page describing known problems, and welcome app or notifier app linking to it.